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Innovation for development and technology for the future: Lansheng Biotech’s 2,000 t/a boscalid project achieves the design capacityqrcode

Jun. 11, 2024

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Jun. 11, 2024

With the continuous introduction of new SDHI fungicides, the demand for these products is growing rapidly. 

Boscalid, a prominent representative of SDHI fungicides, has garnered attention due to its exceptional performance and numerous advantages, positioning it as a valuable product for market development.

Boscalid is the first broad-spectrum succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) fungicide introduced by BASF in 2003. It also serves as the pioneer among the third-generation SDHI fungicides. Over the years, boscalid has found applications in more than 100 crops and has proven effective in controlling over 100 types of diseases. Boscalid is effective against almost all fungal diseases, such as gray mold, powdery mildew, various rot diseases, brown rot, and root rot. Despite being on the market for over 20 years, boscalid has maintained a stable share in the fungicide market. In recent years, its annual sales have consistently hovered around US$400 million, indicating promising market prospects.

Breakthroughs in technological innovation

Hebei Lansheng Biotech Co., Ltd. (Lansheng Biotech) is among the pioneering manufacturers in China who have developed the technology for synthesizing boscalid and is the first to achieve large-scale production of this product. Lansheng Biotech holds a prominent position in technological innovation and production capacity in boscalid synthesis.


Due to the unique structure, mechanism of action, and eco-friendliness of boscalid, Lansheng Biotech recognized its potential early on and made it a key focus of research and development. The company is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the product, innovating in process technology, and achieving a seamless production capacity. 

Lansheng Biotech’s boscalid project, with an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons, has reached its design capacity. This indicates the increasing market demand for boscalid and demonstrates the company’s confidence in its independent research and development capabilities and production capacity.

Technological innovation has always been the driving force behind the sustainable development of Lansheng Biotech. The company actively develops standards and demonstrates technological accomplishments in boscalid. It has led or participated in formulating industry standards such as ″98% Boscalid Technical Material″ and ″50% Boscalid Water Dispersible Granules.″ Additionally, the company has applied for five patents, including three invention patents. The China National Intellectual Property Administration has acknowledged Lansheng Biotech's boscalid as a nationally recognized product with many patents. Moreover, the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) has honored it with the Second Prize for Technological Innovation. The product has reached a leading level in China.


The appearance of boscalid technical

Quality first, excellence paramount

Based on its vision, market positioning, quality strategy, and objectives, Lansheng Biotech has established a complete quality management system benchmarked against the quality of a first-in-class product.

Lansheng Biotech has consistently prioritized the "quality first, excellence paramount" principle in its business operations. This guiding principle has been implemented by actively enhancing quality and efficiency. The company strictly manages every aspect of its operations, from procuring raw materials to controlling the production process and final inspection of products before delivery. This meticulous approach ensures stringent quality control at every stage, resulting in enhanced product quality that gradually reaches, and even surpasses, the standard set by the first-in-class product. As a result, Lansheng Biotech stands out amidst fierce market competition. 

Additionally, Lansheng Biotech has established a robust customer service and after-sales support system. This system includes collecting customer feedback, continuously improving the quality of products and services, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction and experience. By keeping the quality strategy and objectives aligned with market demand, Lansheng Biotech ensures its continued success in meeting customer needs.

Enhancing new quality productive forces

Enhancing the new productive forces is the core of high-quality development for enterprises and a higher standard for realizing Chinese-style modernization. With the construction of the intelligent factory, Lansheng Biotech has achieved complete intelligence in the production process of boscalid. This encompasses various key aspects, including design, production, logistics, and service. The efficiency and quality of the production process have been enhanced significantly through comprehensive upgrades and optimizations. By implementing continuous production technology, Lansheng Biotech has improved the safety of boscalid preparation and significantly increased production efficiency, successfully achieving continuous and automated production of boscalid. Moreover, Lansheng Biotech applies AI technology in predictive maintenance, intelligent scheduling, quality control, and other essential production processes. By intelligently controlling the production process, the company further enhances stability in production.


Testing center of Lansheng Biotech


Central control room of Lansheng Biotech

Green manufacturing and circular utilization

Lansheng Biotech always prioritizes safety and environmental protection in the design of the boscalid production process. From the very beginning, the company ensures green and sustainable production. Environmental protection is considered suitable from the design phase itself. The company actively incorporates advanced environmental protection technologies, equipment, and facilities during this phase. Moreover, it adopts innovative approaches by using raw materials and auxiliary materials that are harmless or have low toxicity. These materials are also easy to recycle and environmentally friendly. Lansheng Biotech also focuses on using efficient and energy-saving production equipment and processes, significantly reducing energy consumption and minimizing the generation of pollutants such as waste gas, wastewater, and waste residue. A closed-loop production system is implemented to further enhance resource utilization efficiency and achieve waste reduction. This system ensures that waste is recycled and treated harmlessly. Furthermore, Lansheng Biotech attaches great importance to the practical application of energy conservation, emission reduction, and circular economy. Through intelligent scheduling, energy management, and other means, it maximizes resource utilization and promotes environmental friendliness.

Lansheng Biotech's green chemical innovation showcases the company's dedication to fulfilling its social responsibility and propels the progress of fine chemical production to a higher level.

Product planning and market layout

With continuous technological innovation and worldwide distribution, boscalid’s influence is steadily growing. As a safe, low-toxicity, and efficient fungicide, Boscalid possesses immense market potential. Responding to the market demands of both domestic and international partners, Lansheng Biotech has established a production line with an annual capacity of 2,000 tons, which is currently operating at its full design capacity.

Regarding product registration, Lansheng Biotech actively promotes a global market expansion strategy for boscalid and has achieved notable milestones.

In China, the company has successfully registered the following boscalid products: 98% Boscalid TC, 50% and 80% Boscalid WDG, and 40% Pyraclostrobin + Boscalid WDG.

Lansheng Biotech achieved a significant milestone in 2022 by obtaining the EU’s technical equivalence registration for boscalid in the international market. This accomplishment signifies that Lansheng Biotech’s products meet the high-quality and safety standards set by the EU, thereby granting access to the EU market for boscalid. It also establishes a solid foundation for further expanding into the international market. Furthermore, in 2023, Lansheng Biotech independently registered boscalid TC in Australia, demonstrating the company’s competitiveness in the global pesticide market. Lansheng Biotech is actively working to register its products in Brazil and Argentina to establish a presence in the South American market. Currently, the submitted registration data is undergoing professional review. Regarding market expansion efforts in North America, Lansheng Biotech supports its customers in registering products in the United States and Canada. The company is steadily increasing its market share and expanding its global market footprint through close cooperation with customers.

These measures implemented by Lansheng Biotech not only enhance the international influence of its brand but also lay a solid foundation for establishing a global sales network. These actions reflect the company’s strategic goal of becoming a leading global supplier of green pesticides.

Symbiosis, win-win, and outlook for the future

Lansheng Biotech has significantly improved production scale and efficiency through continuous technological innovation and optimization of the automated boscalid production process. This has substantially enhanced its cost advantage in boscalid, thereby significantly increasing the product’s competitiveness in the market.

Innovation is a driving force for development, and technology paves the way for the future. Leveraging China’s comprehensive industrial system, healthy and stable social environment, and extensive international cooperation networks, Lansheng Biotech, with an unwavering commitment to our customers, strives to deeply understand and accurately identify the specific needs of different customers. Through flexible and diverse strategies, customizes cooperation plans to ensure that every partner can derive maximum value and benefits from collaborating with Lansheng, thus achieving symbiosis and win-win outcomes.

Lansheng Biotech is eager to establish long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with more industry peers. Together, they will promote the development and innovation of global agricultural technology, provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for agricultural production, and contribute to improving agricultural yield and quality.


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