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ADAMA set to bring innovation to the European cereal herbicide segment with the introduction of EDAPTIS®qrcode

May. 7, 2024

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May. 7, 2024

ADAMA Ltd (SZSE 000553), a leading global crop protection company, announced the first registration of EDAPTIS® in Poland. EDAPTIS® is a ready-to-use solution that provides broad-spectrum control of grassy weeds and improved efficacy in combating resistant populations.


EDAPTIS® is applied post-emergent as a foliar herbicide. The unique formulation combines the leading foliar graminicide modes-of-action: Pinoxaden and Mesosulfuron. By combining Group 1 and Group 2 modes-of-action for grassy weed control, EDAPTIS® not only expands the spectrum of efficacy but also improves the effectiveness in combating resistant weed populations, particularly against hard-to-kill grasses, compared to the market-leading products.

While stacking modes of action is common in pre-emergent and burndown applications, its utilization in post-emergent grassy weed control is less widespread. Leading research in herbicide resistance suggests that stacking modes of action are more effective in mitigating herbicide resistance compared to the conventional practice of rotating herbicide groups.

In addition to superior performance, EDAPTIS® has a favorable sustainability profile. The product is formulated as an oil dispersion using refined rapeseed oil, which enhances its environmental attributes. This process entails the utilization of rapeseed oil grown by farmers, refining it, and incorporating it into the EDAPTIS® formulation.

"With farmers across Europe seeking innovative and quality solutions that deliver tangible benefits in the field, addressing grassy weed resistance becomes increasingly crucial. This urgency is compounded by the removal of numerous herbicides, especially in the pre-emergent segment, due to heightened regulatory restrictions," said Darren Palendat, Global Herbicide Product Strategy for ADAMA. "By thinking outside of the box and maintaining a deep understanding of farmers' needs and market dynamics, we ensure that our solutions provide tangible value to our customers. With EDAPTIS® we are changing the way farmers think about long term weed resistance management."

EDAPTIS® received registration in Poland and is expected to be registered in multiple European countries including France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and others.

Source: ADAMA


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