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Apr. 18, 2024

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Apr. 18, 2024

As a highly effective pesticide for controlling lepidopteran pests, indoxacarb has attracted increased attention, as the issue of resistance has risen in recent years. We, therefore, interviewed the indoxacarb market leader, Jingbo Agrochemical, to discuss future market trends and its approach to product innovation. 


Initial objectives and breakthrough: Stories behind the research and development of indoxacarb

Jingbo Agrochemical is one of the first Chinese manufacturers to begin the research and development of indoxacarb-oriented product technologies. Over the years, the company has made continued and increased investment in scientific research, being committed to improving product quality and expanding production capacity. The reasons for indoxacarb being the focus of research and development are its novel structure, unique mechanism of action, low amount required for use and environmental friendliness, making it an appealing product in the field of insecticidal product development. In addition, the high prices of technical materials lead to higher costs for farmers using the product. For these reasons, Jingbo Agrochemical is determined to solve the issues facing the process of scale-up production.

During its research and development, Jingbo Agrochemical confronted various issues such as low synthetic yield, unsatisfactory active content, high catalyst price, and poor processing of technical materials and formulations. Its technical team utilized the advantages of chiral catalyst to develop a chiral catalyst with independent intellectual property rights, having achieved the recycling of catalysts, which not only reduces cost but also greatly improves the purity of the active substance while effectively reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.

Quality first: Jingbo Agrochemical’s strict quality control system

Jingbo Agrochemical strictly adheres to the concept of ″quality is life″ and closely controls product quality during the production process. To prove the efficacy of indoxacarb and better manage pest resistance, the company modifies its membrane wall dual-penetration technology during the process of formulation research and development, which enhances the product’s penetration into the cell wall of the cytomembrane to accelerate the blocking of the sodium channel. At the same time, the company uses combined application technologies, such as silicone polyacrylic acid copolymer and humectant, to improve product wetting and spreading, as well as moisturizing capacity against washout.

Jingbo Longzhan- Tebufenozide 8%+Indoxacarb 8% EC


During its ongoing in-depth research and development, the company has accumulated a wealth of patent achievements, including more than 10 invention patents in China, as well as European and American invention patents. Its products have been recognized under the category of ″National Patent-intensive Product″ and endorsed by the State Intellectual Property Office of China. Among its patents, the ″Synthesis Process of Broad-Spectrum and High-Efficiency Insecticide Indoxacarb″ won the third prize of the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award while the ″Preparation Method of High-Optical Indoxacarb Intermediate″ won the China Excellence Patent Award. 

Jingbo Agrochemical’s indoxacarb product series is well recognized by the market for its excellent product quality. In 2018 and 2019, Jingbo Agrochemical’s Aodi and Longzhan successively won the China Plant Protection Product Contribution Award; in 2021, Jingbo Agrochemical’s Longzhan won the Excellent Plant Health Product; and its SC dual-kill formulation Little Nezha won the Green Food Production Material, with the potential for application in leafy vegetable and melon growing regions.

One step ahead: Jingbo Agrochemical’s indoxacarb competitive advantage

Jingbo Agrochemical’s competitive advantage in the supply of indoxacarb is primarily reflected by its higher product quality and the establishment of a full-component control method. The company’s high purity indoxacarb technical has reached pure optical-based production status, making it suitable for producing various formulations, including EC, SC, and WG, while the performance of its formulations has seen significantly improvement. Backed up by support industries in the Province of Shandong, the company has established an extended indoxacarb technical industry chain, which creates a comprehensive advantage from petroleum refinery to crop field applications. The company’s indoxacarb production output has been at the forefront of the industry, being rated as a ″single champion product″ among the manufacturing industries of Shandong Province. 


Going forward, Jingbo Agrochemical will continue advancing its indoxacarb business, consolidating its technology capacities and market advantage to continuously expand biochemical applications during the process of synthesis. It will also generate formula and formulation innovation and utilize the advantages of indoxacarb, which is friendly and safe to both humans and animals, to develop sanitary products. Meanwhile, the company is prepared to focus on research on the cross-resistance management of indoxacarb to meet growing market needs. Jingbo Agrochemical is reported to be planning a new capacity launch, which, after completion, will scale up its annual production capacity to a new height, therefore, supporting the company’s product supply to global markets. 

Global perspective: Future landscape of the indoxacarb industry

In recent years, with the rise of the service life and amount of use of RyR insecticides, the problem of resistance has become a major issue. Therefore, the advantages of indoxacarb in terms of controlling lepidopteran pests have become prominent once again, with more indoxacarb registrations both at home and abroad while the scope of application has been extended, leading to an expanded market. Currently, the product is at an early stage of market development in many countries, with good prospects for potential future development and rising market demand.

Over the next five years, global indoxacarb market demand is expected to increase constantly. Indoxacarb has no cross-resistance with other insecticides, being highly safe for non-target organisms, and is mixable with a variety of insecticides. Jingbo Agrochemical has made concentrated research efforts to develop a series of mixed combinations, which can effectively solve the problem of resistance, demonstrating indoxacarb’s great future growth potential.

Crop field wisdom: An innovative approach to formulation development and application

Jingbo Agrochemical is fully committed to formulation development and field application. Depending on the annual conditions for insect occurrence and resistance development, the company makes regular adjustments to its formula development in a timely manner. It now possesses six indoxacarb-based combination registrations, including SC and EC formulations, covering the insect-egg dual-kill chlorobenzuron and the pest abnormal exuviation control tebufenozide. Moreover, the company has several registration product combinations, such as Chlorantraniliprole.Indoxacarb, Emamectin.Indoxacarb and Spinetoram.Indoxacarb. In terms of application process, to slow the development of indoxacarb resistance, the company recommends using low-dosage formulations. So far, it has validated its design formula and its recommended optimum amount of use of mixtures of Indoxacarb.Chlorfenapyr, Indoxacarb.Emamectin and Indoxacarb.Chlorantraniliprole. The company’s indoxacarb series has been growing steadily and is well recognized by the market, with several products winning awards and certifications, highlighting Jingbo Agrochemical’s remarkable achievement in formulation development and field application.

Future blueprint: Jingbo Agrochemical’s industry positioning and development strategy

Jingbo Agrochemical adheres to its corporate mission of ″contributing to agricultural development and protecting the health of food ingredients,″ to become a green agricultural production solution-oriented pesticide-fertilizer integration service provider. The company’s future business layout will be based upon crop protection, supplemented by crop nutrition and agricultural material supply. The company’s future strategic priorities will include smart manufacturing to make it China’s ″specialized, refined, characteristic and novel″ pesticide-fertilizer manufacturer; integrated innovation to become a pesticide-fertilizer integration leader; target the international market and create a pesticide-fertilizer integration service standard, to provide green agricultural production solutions. Through these strategies, Jingbo Agrochemical is implementing an international development strategy that focuses on research and promoting green and integrated agricultural pesticide-fertilizer solutions for key crops, which is the company’s contribution to the sustainable development of agriculture. 

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