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ADAMA launches new cereal fungicide Maganic® in Europe for reliable ear disease control and higher quality grainqrcode

Apr. 16, 2024

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Apr. 16, 2024

ADAMA Ltd. (SZSE 000553), a leading crop protection company, announced the launch of Maganic®, a new T3 fungicide for European cereal growers that protects wheat against all ear diseases resulting in healthy crops, higher yields, lower mycotoxin levels and high quality grain. 


Maganic® is powered by ADAMA’s unique Asorbital® Formulation Technology, for improved uptake and excellent systemic activity. It ensures reliable efficacy against all major ear diseases including Fusarium spp, Septoria, and Rust. 

Mycotoxins are a serious threat to food safety and thus are heavily regulated.  Grain that exceeds the maximum level set for contaminants in foodstuffs cannot be sold, and ear diseases could therefore have a significant impact on the livelihood of cereal farmers. Farmers who use Maganic® as part of an integrated approach can be assured that their crops are safe and of high quality, with field trials demonstrating a significant drop in Deoxynivalenol (DON) and other mycotoxin levels as well as significantly higher yields compared with untreated fields. 

″Farmers in Europe are seeking an effective product that helps them meet the high EU standards for healthy grain. The launch of Maganic® delivers value innovation and the peace of mind cereal farmers need for the vulnerable T3 period,″ said Alex Mills, Global Head of Fungicides at ADAMA. ″We brought together our expertise in mycotoxins and our unique Asorbital® Formulation Technology to develop Maganic®, as part of our commitment to help farmers produce high quality crops. Maganic®’s reliable ability to combat Fusarium, Rust, Septoria, and other ear diseases results in high quality grain and a boost to farmers’ revenue.″ 

Maganic® is a multi-crop fungicide that is also suitable for use in crops such as barley, OSR and sugar beet. It is part of ADAMA’s comprehensive cereal fungicide portfolio, which tackles the most serious diseases impacting farmer yields at each stage of the crop's reproductive phase. The new portfolio was first launched in Europe in 2023, and launches will continue across the continent throughout 2024. 

Source: ADAMA


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