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Competitiveness Landscape of Chinese Agrochemical Companies published! To gain a better understanding of China's pesticide industryqrcode

Apr. 15, 2024

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Apr. 15, 2024

This picture is initially published in 2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch magaznie , click to downlowd 


China is an important country in global pesticide production and consumption. Over the past 20 years, the Chinese agrochemical industry has played a vital role in the international agrochemical market.

The rapid development of the industry has provided ample space for different types of agrochemical companies to grow. The role of Chinese agrochemical companies in the global agrochemical industry chain has become increasingly critical. The active ingredients produced by Chinese companies are widely used in the products of multinational companies, and the industry layout continues to be optimized, with the scale of enterprises constantly expanding. As the strength of these companies has continuously increased, they have also started to actively shift from imitation to innovation, becoming important partners for many local pesticide companies and farmers globally through the research and development of new compounds and formulations, end-user services, and market expansion.

In recent years, the global market environment has been sluggish, and China's pesticide industry is also at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading. Although facing many challenges, companies are still reshaping the industry landscape through continuous self-improvement and innovation.

By the publication of the 2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch, AgroPages has summarized and analyzed the global competitiveness characteristics of Chinese agrochemical companies, and produced the "Competitiveness Landscape of Chinese Agrochemical Companies".

By examining the characteristics and advantages of these leading Chinese agrochemical companies, global agrochemical practitioners can gain a better understanding of China's important position in the global pesticide industry landscape. This will help promote exchange and cooperation between Chinese agrochemical companies and their international counterparts, and jointly drive the healthy development of the global agrochemical industry.

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