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BASF | Nunhems brings its global solutions to the tomato producing sectorqrcode

Apr. 8, 2024

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Apr. 8, 2024

BASF | Nunhems will participate from April 24 to 26 in the 16th Expolevante Níjar (Almería), which will be held at the Centro de Exposiciones y Congreso de Campohermoso. Under the slogan 'Connecting with you', the multinational will showcase all its solutions for the horticultural crops of the Almerian Levante, and especially its 'star', the tomato.


In this way, for three days, it will focus on both its new proposals resulting from genetics, such as its range of tomato varieties with resistance to the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), and its crop protection tools to combat pests and diseases.

"Our commitment to tomato is based on three main pillars: the production that the farmer expects, with the quality they need, and the resistance that allows them to meet the previous two," explains Miguel Espinosa, BASF's Almería Area Sales Manager.

To this end, the company already has more than 40 varieties in the commercial and pre-commercial phase in eight different typologies, which make up a broad portfolio that continues to grow, including the pear tomato, with Azovian; the branch, with Cabosur, the 'star revelation' in this campaign; or the cherry Daivion. 

"We are in the majority typologies," says Espinosa, who points out that they are by no means going to stop there: "Our goal is to continue developing varieties in the remaining cherry segments and in other types, in specialties like our Intense tomato, among others."

All these new BASF | Nunhems varieties have resistance to ToBRFV, the result of the company's research and innovation efforts, and what is most important: the result of its "field testing and under virus pressure conditions on both our own and collaborating farmers' and customers' farms."

"We have shown that our varieties work agronomically and, in addition, have resistance so that the producer can achieve healthy and quality production throughout the cycle," insists Espinosa.

Crop protection solutions

Along with genetics, the multinational will also showcase its crop protection solutions during the event, the result of its commitment to "innovation and sustainability as the basis for achieving profitability for the producer," comments José Ferre, Crop Manager Vegetables at BASF.

In this way, the company aligns with the demands of the market, which requires healthier products with a lower environmental impact during their cultivation. And it does so with the combination of insecticide and fungicide tools from traditional chemistry and also from the latest technology applied to the sector.

"We are committed to integrated pest and disease management, to a balanced crop protection model, combining conventional treatment programs with biological solutions," explains Ferre.

Among the latter, the bioinsecticide Velifer (proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana), for the control of whitefly and thrips, stands out, which has also shown "good efficacy against Thrips parvispinus". Or the broad-spectrum biofungicide Serifel (contains spores of the BA strain MBI600).

"At BASF, we advocate for a new production model," Ferre insists, and for this, "we want to become a solid partner and provider of global solutions for the entire value chain."

* APC granted and in the process of application for inclusion in the EC Common Catalogue of Vegetable Varieties.


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