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Apr. 7, 2024

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Apr. 7, 2024

AgroPages' business magazine - 2024 Formulation& Adjuvant Technology magazine (English & Chinese editions) will be published this May.

Formulation& Adjuvant Technology magazine″ has been published for eight consecutive years. 2024 edition will focus on innovation technology &product, formulation solutions for different scenarios, novel delivery technologies, explore the challenges and countermeasures of formulation development&production, and track the latest market dynamics and  opportunities of formulation industry *worldwide.

Additionally, Company Directory sector will be also included in this issue. All relevant companies are welcome to join it.

Join us immediately to share your valuable insights, show your technology&product,and further find reliable partners.

If you have any promotion demands, please contact Grace Yuan: grace@agropages.com to know more details.

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Topics Preview:

Market and Regulation
- Global agrochemical formulation market, analysis of key products and future development trend
- Update on the regulatory policy and authority requirements on the agrochemical formulation and adjuvants in key regions worldwide

Adjuvant Technology
- Scenario-driven adjuvant technology and application cases
- Banned and restricted adjuvants and their alternatives

Formulation and Application Technology
- Formulation solutions for different formulation types(SC|OD|WDG|DF|CS|FS|ULV|VLV etc)
- Advanced formulation technologies and solutions
- Multi-scenario formulation development and case analysis
- Development and application of biological
- Development and application of the combination of biological with conventional crop protections
- Seed treatment formulation Technologies
- Microencapsulation formulation technology
- Drone application crop protection technology
- Microplastics-free solutions of agrochemical formulations
- Novel delivery technologies
- Development and application of high-efficient glyphosate/glufosinate formulations
- Application of automation and AI in agrochemical formulation development,production and application
- New technology and methods for assessing the quality and performance of agrochemical formulation
- Nanotechnology in agriculture
- Innovative soil remediation products
- Green solvent
- Development of pharmaceutical formulations and its enlightenment to pesticide formulations
- More topics.......

Ways to Participate:
- Sponsor
   * Gold Sponsor (Cost: 6,500 USD)

  • Cover display

  • Interview/Marketing article

  • Full inside page ad

  • Get listed in the Company Directory      

   * Siliver Sponsor(Cost: 5,000 USD)

  • Interview/Marketing article

  • Full inside page ad

  • Get listed in the Company Directory      

- Marketing article

  Length: 1,200 words

  * Cost: 2,200 USD

- Exclusive Interview

  Length: 1,500 words 

  * Cost: 3,000 USD

- Image advertising

 Two-page spread: 3,800 USD

 * Inside front cover: 2,400 USD

 * Inside back cover:2,400 USD

 * Back cover: 2,400 USD

 * Full inside page : 1,900 USD

 * 1/2 page : 1,300 USD

- Get listed in the Company Directory (Cost: 800 USD)
  * Company name
  * Company logo
  * Business highlights (150-200 words)
  * Company website address
  * Email

  * Telephone

- 5,000 hardcopies will be distributed on the spot of the trade shows
- Digital edition will be delivered to global 170,000+ email subscribers


Contact: Grace Yuan
Tel: +86 15505713266
Wechat: nanagrace2014


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