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Lucent Bio expands to the US, EU and LATAM: Meeting rising sustainable agri-food system demands with climate-smart crop input solutionsqrcode

Mar. 6, 2024

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Mar. 6, 2024

Lucent BioSciences, a pioneer of sustainable agri-food systems and circular economies, announces its strategic expansion into the US, EU, and Brazil. Reflecting the demand for its innovative products; Soileos and Nutreos, and the climate-smart agri-food systems solution they provide. Lucent Bio and its products support increased food production without increasing the strain on natural resources.


Lucent Bio founders

As Lucent BioSciences expands its presence in global agrifood systems, it remains dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability across diverse markets. With a strategic focus on expanding its presence in the US market through partnerships like the recent distribution agreement with Van Diest Supply, Lucent Bio aims to deliver its cutting-edge micronutrient fertilizer solution, Soileos, to farmers in the US Midwest, supporting key crop acres, including corn, soybean, and wheat.

Simultaneously, Lucent Bio is actively engaging in strategic initiatives in Latin America, collaborating not only with agri-food industry members but also with world-renowned Brazilian agricultural research corporation Embrapa to support advanced agricultural practices and agri-food systems through Brazil. In addition, Cleso Morreti, former CEO of Embrapa, has joined Lucent Bio's board of advisors. These initiatives underscore Lucent Bio's commitment to driving positive change and fostering the growth of climate-smart agri-food systems.

In the EU, Lucent Bio has started partnerships with several leading agriculture distributors, crop input providers and food processing companies to get product manufacturing operational, serving the EU market.

"At Lucent Bio, collaboration is key to driving meaningful change in agriculture." Says Michael Riedijk, Founder and CEO of Lucent BioSciences. "As part of its growth strategy, Lucent Bio is dedicated to fostering partnerships that drive innovation and sustainability in agri-food systems. By joining forces with industry leaders and local experts, Lucent Bio aims to leverage collective expertise and resources as we address pressing challenges and seize opportunities in diverse agri-food systems globally."

With its expansion into new regions and strategic collaborations with industry frontrunners, Lucent Bio delivers advancements in agri-food systems and practices. A study in collaboration with Viresco found that crop production using the Soileos delivery system has the potential for offsetting GHG emissions by 3-4 tonnes CO2e for every tonne of Soileos used.  


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