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ICL launches Soja Supra program at 27th Summer Technological Showqrcode

Mar. 1, 2024

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Mar. 1, 2024

ICL Brasil Ltda
Brazil  Brazil

ICL announced the launch of its Soja Supra program during the 27th Summer Technological Show, which was held in the Brazilian state of Paraná and specially covered by AgroPages.

According to the company, the program is an ″integrated solution with synergistic effects″ that offers various benefits.

Fabiano Pacentchuk.jpegThe gains provided by the Soja Supra program include ″balanced nutrition throughout the cycle, stress tolerance, weight and nutritional quality of the grain, and higher productivity,″ said Fabiano Pacentchuk, Market Development Consultant for ICL in the state of Paraná (Eastern Region).

The complete solution offers even more convenience and practicality for farmers’ daily lives, as it adds safety and efficiency to applications and generates operational optimization, both in terms of time and labor savings, he added.

By studying the phenological stages of soybean cultivation, some determining moments were identified, when soybean plants have specific needs and priorities, Pacentchuk said, noting the use of plant nutrition and physiology solutions is essential for achieving high productivity.

″Grain-producing crops have specific needs throughout the cycle,″ he explained.

″The soybean crop can be divided into four moments of high demand. During emergence and germination, the soybean plant’s priority is to root and initiate the biological nitrogen fixation process to reach peak flowering. During leaf emergence and stimuli for biological nitrogen fixation, the goal is to achieve peak grain filling, stress mitigation, flower fixation/stress mitigation, and, finally, grain filling/stress mitigation,″ he further said,

″By observing each of soybean crops’ priorities, it is clear that all are important, and it is impossible to achieve high productivity without addressing each of the plant's priorities,″ he stressed.

″Research and field results show that ICL has solutions for each phase of the crop, with the aim of achieving high productivity,″ he added.

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The 27th edition of the ABC Foundation’s Summer Technological Show was organized by one of the country's most respected agricultural research institutions.

Pacentchuk said that the company’s goal at the event was ″to highlight various benefits provided by plant nutrition and physiology that, when evaluated together, can improve results.″

Another goal was to present pathways for stress mitigation, which is becoming even more critical during years of climate challenges like El Niño, he added.

″Average data from Brav et al., 2000, showed that stresses during these periods can lead to productivity losses of up to 76%,″ he warned.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

Source: AgroNews


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