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ADAMA introduced new fungicide Maxentis for pulse and canola growers across Canadaqrcode

Feb. 12, 2024

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Feb. 12, 2024

Pulse and canola growers across Canada will have a new fungicide to combat a variety of diseases affecting their crops. Earlier this month, Adama Agricultural Solutions Canada announced the introduction of Maxentis, a fungicide that combines two active ingredients –prothioconazole and azoxystrobin –for a single, long-lasting solution in treating three specific crop diseases.

The two actives are enhanced by Adama’s Asorbital 2 formulation technology. Company literature states it is the first fungicide in Canada to combine the two active ingredients. The company also cites more than 50 farmer-applied large-scale trials completed in 2023 in multiple crops across the country.

Testing by a third-party field trial service indicated Maxentis was ″consistently best-in-class″ and provided control for an extended period of time.

The fungicide label lists lentils, canola, soybeans and peas as the crops registered for use. Three diseases targeted by Maxentis are anthracnose, white mould (sclerotinia) and mycosphaerella blight.

Adama’s news release cites higher yields among the four crops with the use of Maxentis, and makes specific reference to providing ″complete control″ of Group 11-insensitive anthracnose in lentils.

A company representative noted the fungicide will enable growers to ″spray faster and more efficiently across multiple crops and across multiple stages of plant growth and disease development″.

Systemic and translaminar movement created by the Asorbital 2 technology allows the fungicide to spread across the entire plant, even when sprayed on top of dense canopies, creating longer-lasting and more complete coverage.

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