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Soil health and Bio-solutions: Experts from European Climate Pact project, Chinese Academy of Sciences and leading companies to share their insights at BioEx 2024qrcode

Feb. 8, 2024

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Feb. 8, 2024

Soil, a vital resource in nature, is the foundation of life and the guardian of ecological balance.

However, industrialization, urbanization and the evolution of agricultural patterns are posing serious threats to soil health, resulting in soil degradation, pollution and loss of biodiversity, which not only affect crop yield and quality, but also pose challenges to global food security and environmental sustainability.

The ambitious European Green Deal opens a promising way for the European Union (EU) to strengthen soil protection. The EU Soil Strategy for 2030, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, the Farm-to-Fork Strategy, the EU's Nature Restoration Law and the European Climate Act all include actions to protect soil. In the 14th Five-Year Plan, the Chinese government also clearly set specific targets for strengthening soil pollution prevention and control, and promoted the research and development and application of related technologies.

At the 5th Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Biofertilizers Summit (BioEx 2024), to be held on March 7-8, AgroPages will invite speakers including the Polish Ambassador from the  European Climate Pact, a professor from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as experts from leading companies in the field of soil health, such as JBN-naturepower, Hubei Danneng Agricultural Biotechnology and Just Agrotech to share their research findings, as well as the application practice and market prospects of biological products in soil health. AgroPages, as the organizer of the summit, will also deliver a speech themed "Observation of Global Biological Product and Technology Innovations in Soil Health", which will lead participants to look at the current and future trends of the industry from the perspective of product and technological innovation.

More details of speeches in the soil health session can be found below:

Soil Health and Bio-solutions


  Observation of Global Biological Product and Technology Innovations in Soil Health


  Strategies for balanced plant nutrition and soil health toward nutrient-dense food production

  European Climate Pact Ambassador

  Mycorrhizal fungi applied to protect soil health

  Chinese Academy of Sciences

  Deep Analysis of Soil Improvement & Crop Promotion Mechanism of Peat Moss and its Application


  Biological Method for Mitigate Nitrogen Loss – Insights Into Mechanism and R&D of Priestia Filamentosa

  Hubei Danneng Agricultural Biotechnology

  Innovative Bioactivity Technology for Efficient Soil Restoration

  Just Agrotech

If you are also interested in the topic of soil health, sign up quickly to join us! Look forward to seeing you at the summit!

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