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Albaugh: Expanding the Global Coverage of Glyphosate Business and Ensuring A Consistent and Reliable Supplyqrcode

−− Interview with Kurt Pedersen Kaalund, CEO at Albaugh

Jan. 26, 2024

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Jan. 26, 2024


On January 23, 2024, the landing ceremony of Albaugh 美爱保 brand was held in Foshan, China. Albaugh 美爱保 brand officially landed in China, and Rotam China officially started the dual-brand operation strategy. Albaugh Group also embarked on a new journey from a $2.5 billion company to a $5 billion company. 

During this event, AgroPages interviewed Kurt Pedersen Kaalund, CEO at Albaugh, who shared the strategic significance of Albaugh's acquisition of Corteva Agriscience’s straight-goods glyphosate business and expanding plan of glyphosate business, and key strategies to ensure a consistent and reliable supply.


Kurt Pedersen Kaalund, CEO at Albaugh

In March 2023, Albaugh announced the acquisition of Corteva Agriscience’s straight-goods glyphosate business, which resulted in an expansion of its global coverage of straight glyphosate DMA salt formulations and registrations.  What were the key insights and motivations behind this business strategy? 

The DMA salt based glyphosate formulations complement and expand the choice of glyphosate based solutions for our farmers.

Albaugh previously acquired Corteva’s glyphosate business in Europe. This latest acquisition is a perfect fit for Albaugh to expand our direct access to glyphosate markets in areas where we have not previously had a strong presence, including such countries as Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia, as well as supplementing our existing glyphosate offerings in the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

The acquisition will further strengthen the launch of glyphosate products in the China/Asia/Pacific region where Albaugh is launching a portfolio of glyphosate products in country markets in China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Australia among others. 

All glyphosate DMA salt registrations will be integrated into Albaugh’s existing regional sales structure, and Albaugh's sales teams in each region look forward to working with all existing glyphosate DMA salt customers on continuing this business together.

Many agrochemical manufacturers depend heavily on importing raw materials from China.  How could Albaugh compete with its opponents to ensure a consistent and reliable supply? 

There are many different aspects that need to be done right. I would like to give a few critical factors as below that helps us to maintain our competitive edge.  

  • Cultivating and nurturing strategic relationships with long-term suppliers: 

    Developing strong and strategic partnerships with reliable suppliers is essential. We foster these relationships by consistently communicating with suppliers, understanding their capabilities, and collaborating to address any challenges that may arise. This ensures a reliable supply of raw materials, even during challenging times.

  • Optimizing material demand planning and supply chain efficiency: 

    We prioritize accurate forecasting and demand planning to gain better anticipation of our needs. By implementing efficient supply chain management practices, such as streamlined procurement processes and effective logistics management, we can ensure a more consistent supply of raw materials.

  • Timely exchange of information with suppliers: 

    Regular and open communication with suppliers is important. We establish channels for exchanging information to stay updated on market dynamics, changes in business environment, and potential disruptions. This would enable us to adapt our sourcing and procurement strategies accordingly, ensuring a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Local production of finished products:

    Albaugh is operating 12 manufacturing plants globally allowing us to service the markets from local manufacturing hops. This structure ensures high quality products and improves our service levels to channel partners and farmers.

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