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ADAMA launches five new cereal fungicide products in Europe with innovative formulation technology that deliver excellent results and respond to diverse farmer needsqrcode

Jan. 17, 2024

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Jan. 17, 2024

ADAMA Ltd. (SZSE: 000553), a leading crop protection company, has announced the launch of five new cereal fungicide products across Europe to tackle the most serious diseases impacting farmer yields at each stage of the crop's reproductive phase. Together, these products offer ADAMA's customers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions designed to deliver excellent results in the field and address different application stages (T1, T2, and T3) and various value segments. 

With the launch of these new products ADAMA will have one of the most robust portfolios in the industry for cereal disease control in Europe. The five products are based on a leading DMI molecule, cementing them as the foundation for treatment of cereal diseases after the regulatory phase-out of other key active ingredients in the market.  The company also introduced its novel and proprietary Asorbital® Formulation Technology to enhance the activity of its products, delivering improved penetration, excellent systemic movement in the leaf tissue, improved and long-lasting disease control, and excellent rainfastness.

"Our new, enhanced cereal fungicide portfolio is a powerful demonstration of our ability to deliver value and innovation through enhancing the performance of existing molecules with proprietary formulation technologies and delivering products to our customers that provide excellent disease control, keep the crop safe and address the different value segments in the market." said Alex Mills, Head of Global Fungicides at ADAMA. "We know our customers face different challenges and have different needs. A one-size fits all approach doesn't work. That's why we created a fit-for-purpose portfolio, to answer the different customer pain points – whether it's the type of disease they are facing or the timing of the control they need."  

ADAMA's European cereal fungicide portfolio includes:

  • Soratel®, a versatile and broad-spectrum solution powered by ADAMA's proprietary Asorbital® Formulation Technology, which can be used in various segments alone or in a mixture.

  • Maxentis®, is a broad-spectrum, multi-crop, convenient and easy to use fungicide with flexible timing that can easily be plugged into any wheat spray program as a T1 or T2 application.

  • Forapro®, is a broad-spectrum fungicide powered by Asorbital® Formulation Technology that controls all the major T1 diseases in wheat such as Septoria, Rust and Powdery Mildew.

  • Maganic®, powered by Asorbital® Formulation Technology, is a T3 fungicide that protects wheat against all ear diseases including Fusarium spp. resulting in lower mycotoxin levels and higher quality grain.

  • Avastel®, is ADAMA's premium T2 broad-spectrum fungicide with both curative and preventative disease control, powered by Asorbital® Formulation Technology delivering a new standard of efficacy and long-lasting protection.

"We set a strategy 10 years ago to invest in Europe's cereal growers given the anticipation of the regulatory phase-out of key active ingredients in this market. We devised a plan to ensure farmers have the products they need today to address rising disease pressure, new agronomic challenges, and an increased focus on sustainability. Our enhanced portfolio with five new products ticks all of these boxes," said Sergio Dedominici Paz, EVP EAME at ADAMA. "This portfolio enables channel partners to offer products that are the best fit for their customers, and for farmers to choose the individual or combination of products that meet their specific circumstances and growing needs. Every farmer will find a solution that is right for them and the challenges they face."

ADAMA began rolling out its new cereal fungicide portfolio in 2023 with the introduction of Soratel® in the UK, and the launches will continue across the continent, UK, and Ireland throughout 2024.

Source: ADAMA


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