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Rovensa Next secures Naturdai Mim® registration for avocado in Perúqrcode

Jan. 16, 2024

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Jan. 16, 2024

Rovensa Next
Spain  Spain

Rovensa Next has become a benchmark in organic and sustainable agriculture, as a leading company in the biosolutions sector. This is reflected in the registration of its Naturdai Mim® biofungicide as a Plant Extract-based Biological Pesticide for Agricultural Use with registration number 264-SENASA-PBA-EV for application on avocado trees. This is a strategic crop whose surface area has grown significantly in recent years in Peru and has excellent yields.



This new registration comes one month after obtaining registration for Tec-fort®, the first natural pyrethrin-based insecticide on the market, which highlights the company’s efforts to boost its biosolutions portfolio in Peru. 

Naturdai Mim® is a root biofungicide that is perfect for controlling fungal attacks that cause root rot (Phytophthora cinnamomi) in crops. Its active ingredient is Mimosa tenuiflora extract at a concentration of 90.00 g/L. Its systemic mode of action makes it an effective solution with a preventive and curative effect. It is also ideal for application during the heavy rains of the El Niño phenomenon, which have caused millions of dollars in losses due to root problems.   

Naturdai Mim® has CAAE and OMRI organic certifications, which make it suitable for use in both organic and integrated production, thus complying with the stringent requirements of organic agriculture.  

Mode of action 

Naturdai Mim® induces irreversible inhibition of the reproductive structures (spores), denaturation of enzymes and membrane rupture, inhibiting the development of the germ tube and causing the death of the reproductive organs, which suppresses the growth and development of fungi.  

Application is recommended from the onset of the pest attack. The number of applications depends on the severity of the disease, but it is advisable to apply 3 to 7 times per season at intervals of 7 to 14 days with a concentration of 3 – 4 L/ha, as indicated on the product label. It does not leave synthetic residues, so there is no re-entry period, nor does it cause phytotoxicity, when the recommended dosage is used. 

Source: Rovensa Next


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