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CropLife International applauds Emirates Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Climate Actionqrcode

Dec. 15, 2023

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Dec. 15, 2023

CropLife International supports the Emirates Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Climate Action, which was formally adopted by more than 150 countries today at COP28 in Dubai. The Emirates Declaration recognizes the potential for the agricultural sector to drive transformative change, with agricultural innovation as a key enabler for improving food security, mitigating environmental impacts, and enhancing productivity.

We align with this vision, recognizing the pivotal role that technologies play as transformative forces in achieving the goals laid down by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UNFCCC and Paris Climate Accord, and the UN Food Systems Summit and Global Biodiversity Framework.

  • Introducing a multistakeholder agenda with the private sector, public research, and donors as strategic partners of governments, to contribute to shaping NDCs: CropLife International applauds the commitment to a collaborative approach involving various stakeholders, as partnerships are essential for driving innovation and achieving meaningful outcomes. Plant science technologies, including plant biotechnology and crop protection products, have already delivered positive mitigation outcomes while helping farmers become more climate resilient.

  • Revisit or orient policies to promote activities related to agriculture and food systems to improve climate resilience and productivity: to enable farmers and food systems to adapt and be more resilient to climate shocks, agricultural technologies need to make it from the laboratory into the field. Policies and regulatory systems must evolve to enable the deployment of research and technologies that improve productivity while helping food systems adapt to climate change.

  • Enhancing access to all forms of finance from the public, philanthropic, and private sectors: with only an estimated 4% of climate finance going to agriculture, we welcome the commitment of Parties mobilizing funds to support the food-climate agenda and launching a new partnership between UAE and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Food Systems, Agriculture Innovation and Climate Action.

  • Accelerating and scaling science and evidence-based innovations: we focus on advancing technologies that enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Through research, advocacy, and partnerships, we support the adoption of innovative and sustainable farming practices, that increase sustainable productivity, promote ecosystem resilience, and improve livelihoods, including for rural communities, smallholders, family farmers, and other producers.

  • Strengthening rules-based and non-discriminatory trade with WTO at its core: we welcome the emphasis on fair and equitable trade practices, recognizing the importance of a robust international framework in promoting agricultural sustainability.

Emily Rees, President and CEO of CropLife International, shared her optimism in the light of the integration of food systems and sustainable agriculture into the UNFCCC process, stating, ″The Emirates Declaration rightly underscores the transformative power of agricultural innovation and the mitigation potential of healthy soils. Sustainably grown crops will need to endure unpredictable weather extremes. In addition, as global temperatures rise, new threats are emerging, and the distribution and intensity of pests and diseases are changing. Farmers need new tools and technologies in the light of these threats and to preserve rural livelihoods and ensure food security and nutrition for all.

As the global voice and leading advocate for the plant science industry, CropLife International looks forward to actively contributing to the implementation of the Emirates Declaration and remains committed to fostering partnerships, advancing research, and driving initiatives that contribute to its objectives.


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