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Bayer presents innovative, sustainable solution for industrial tomatoes in Méridaqrcode

Dec. 8, 2023

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Dec. 8, 2023


To ensure the protection and health of industrial tomatoes, Bayer CropScience brought together almost a hundred attendees in Mérida to present a profitable strategy for industrial tomato producers, as a solution to current challenges. 

The main challenges during the 2023 industrial tomatoes campaign are mainly caused to climate change, most notably higher temperatures and reduced water supplies affecting agricultural irrigation, and diseases caused by soil fungi, especially the new race of Fusarium 3 and nematodes, for which traditional control methods are awaiting exceptional authorizations.


The main goal of genetic improvements in the context of climate change is to obtain new hybrids that adapt to changing climatic conditions, which have higher levels of resistance and improved production and quality standards. The Seminis Tomato90 line provides solutions for all cycles with reliability and endurance in the field, as well as high quality and productive potential, through the following hybrids:

  • SVTM9018 is a variety with a short cycle of approximately 110 days, recommended for early, medium and late transplants and with high productive potential, which, in addition to having high resistance to the new race of Fusarium 3 (HR For:0-2), is also highly resistant to Fusarium Crown & Root Rot.

  • SVTM9019, a variety with a medium cycle of approximately 120 days, recommended for early and medium transplants, ensuring a very healthy plant throughout the cycle, covering fruits well and maintaining a high ºBrix content.

  • SVTM9013 for a late cycle of approximately 125 days, recommended for early and mid transplants. Adapted for multipurpose use, generating large fruits suitable for peeling and dice.

Along with the new Tomate90 line, the SVTM9000 variety stands out, and is recommended for medium cycles of 115 days in early, medium and late transplants, producing very firm fruits with high resistance in the field, as well as intermediate resistance to powdery mildew (IR Lt) and high resistance to Fusarium race 2.


As an effective alternative to soil disinfection, Bayer Crop Science's nematicide solution begins with Velum® Prime, a systemic product applied via drip irrigation during transplanting to control mobile J2 forms of nematodes.

BioAct® Prime is a biological nematicide that reduces the population of nematode eggs in the soil, and improves rooting and vegetative development of the crop, as well as favoring and improving the useful life of the soil.

The Nematool® digital tool is much more than a self-contained soil temperature probe. Through this simple app, farmers can precisely know the nematode cycle of Meloidoygine sp. in crops, indicating the appropriate time to apply the BioAct® nematicide on their plots.

 Serenade® ASO is a biological bactericidal fungicide that induces natural defenses and promotes growth in industrial tomato crops. It is also a preventive solution for controlling Fusarium sp.

Field View® facilitates the monitoring of crops throughout the entire cycle, helping ensure the early identification of pests and diseases, the optimal use of water and, as a novelty, the possibility of predicting the harvest for each square meter of plot via the performance map.


Cristina Lima, responsible for industrial tomato development in Iberia, highlighted the importance of the characteristics and benefits of Tomate90 from Seminis, such as firmness, adaptability, production, endurance in the field and plant health, resulting from a complete package of resistance that incorporates the new race of Fusarium 3″.

Jose Carrasco, commercial delegate of Extremadura and Western Andalusia, pointed out the added value of the new Seminis varieties, "which, in addition to incorporating resistance to the new race of Fusarium 3, exceed the levels of production, quality, hardness and endurance in the field of current varieties without resistance to the new race of Fusarium 3.″

For Alberto Esteban, head of market development for outdoor crops at  Bayer Crop Science Spain, ″the company is focused on the development of innovative solutions and digital tools, with the aim of helping farmers maintain crop profitability. At Extremadura, we are committed to ensuring healthy roots to guarantee the success of crops.″


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