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TrustChem expands EU presence with Methoxyfenozide, Imazamox, Pinoxaden, Imazalil registrations and reinforces commitment to agrochemical innovationqrcode

Oct. 16, 2023

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Oct. 16, 2023

TrustChem Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese agrochemical enterprise, secured the EU technical equivalent registration for Methoxyfenozide. To date, TrustChem has been granted EU technical equivalent registration for four compounds: Imazamox, Pinoxaden, Imazalil, and Methoxyfenozide. Moreover, several other active ingredients, such as MCPA and Prothioconazole, are currently undergoing the equivalence identification process.

Imazamox is recognized for its efficacy against a majority of annual gramineous and broadleaf weeds and is suitable for applications in soybean and rice crops. 

Pinoxaden is primarily deployed to combat annual gramineous weeds in barley fields. 

Imazalil serves as a protective measure against diseases in a range of fruits, including citrus, mango, banana, and apple, as well as in melons. Furthermore, it is effective in safeguarding cereals, particularly against Carbendazim and Thiabendazole-resistant strains of Penicillium italicum and Penicillium digitatum.

Methoxyfenozide is predominantly utilized to manage lepidopteran pests across a diverse range of crops. These encompass vegetables (melons and solanaceous varieties), fruits (apples, grapes, kiwifruit, and walnuts), staple crops (corn and cotton), field crops (rice, sorghum, and soybeans), and extend to others (flowers, beets, and tea). Notably, it exhibits pronounced effectiveness against both larvae and eggs.

The European Union represents one of the paramount agrochemical markets on a global scale. Committed to solidifying its foothold, TrustChem is set to amplify its registration investments, refine its supply platform, and further augment its presence in the EU market.

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