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Chile bans 14 groups of agrochemicals classified as ‘dangerous’qrcode

Oct. 9, 2023

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Oct. 9, 2023

Chile bans 14 groups of agrochemicals classified as ‘dangerous’

The Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) announced a ban on 14 groups of pesticides considered ″highly dangerous″ for people, animals and the environment. The resolution, signed by José Guajardo Reyes, national director of SAG, will affect up to 151 commercial pesticide brands.

The decision prohibits the production, importation, distribution, sale, possession and application of active substances such as Binapacril, Captafol, Chlorobenzylate and Ethylene Dichloride, as well as many others.

The Chilean government also announced new regulations that aim to encourage the ″use of pesticides formulated based on natural extracts, bio-inputs and environmentally-friendly products.″

In addition, the SAG Public-Private Consultative Committee was created, made up of representatives from the public and private sectors, which will work to improve and modernize legislation for pesticide registrations in the South American country. The committee will be responsible for the authorization, evaluation and control of pesticides for agricultural use.


According to SAG, the new body aims to draft a plan that will account for different visions, needs and technical proposals, to achieve gradual improvements to regulatory processes. Those responsible are committed to basing their decision-making on validly accepted scientific methodologies, to ensure the appropriate level of protection for people who apply pesticides, as well as for animals and the environment.

According to Reyes, the objective of this series of measures is to progress towards a more sustainable agriculture. ″On National Environment Day, we are signing three resolutions. We now call on everyone to talk about pesticides and prohibitions, as well as to be open to new products and a new world, based on bio-inputs and natural extracts,″ Reyes said.

″It is an important day for our country and agriculture, thinking about what our president Gabriel Boric has asked from us, more sustainable agriculture for a much greener country,″ he added.

Pedro Pérez, president of the National Confederation of Temporary Workers of Chile, congratulated SAG for its initiative to ban the entry of relevant products.

Patrícia Benavente, president of the Association of Agricultural Women, said that this was ″a step towards food security, valuing the nation and identifying ourselves to the world as a country that cares about producing healthy food for people who consume them, as well as healthy for their workers who harvest and produce them.″

The Chilean Bioinputs Network, through its representative, Romina Almasia, agreed with the announcement, stating that ″it is part of what we need for healthier agriculture, and also the needs of agriculture.″

″Nowadays, important gaps are opening up to include organic products, and we have to remove products that are toxic and re-start with a new palette of products that are much more environmentally-friendly,″ she added.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

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