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SuperBac earns BRL1.2 billion with ″good bacteria″, a growth of more than 40 timesqrcode

Sep. 15, 2023

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Sep. 15, 2023

1596757061544.jpegBrazilian microorganism company SuperBac announced revenue of BRL 1.2 billion with its biotechnology products.

The result represents growth of more than 40 times in 27 years of activities, emphasizing its original solution that combined bacteria with traditional fertilizers, increasing the use of nutrients.

SuperBac's flagship product is the Supergan fertilizer line, which combines the three main macronutrients usually consumed in agriculture – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, a trio known as NPK – and a blend of bacteria.

The bacteria mix was selected from a library of more than 4,000 species isolated and genetically sequenced by SuperBac. The microorganisms come from Brazilian biodiversity, and none are genetically modified.

Giuliano Pauli - SuperBac.jpegAccording to SuperBac's director of innovation, Giuliano Pauli, ″the general idea is to use bio-inputs whenever possible and chemical compounds only when necessary.″

″You are placing the living organism in an environment that harms it. This process for stabilization and compatibility involves a lot of science,″ he explained.

According to the executive, the idea is ″not only to nourish the plant but also to regenerate the soil. Until very recently, we only looked at the chemical characteristics of the earth.″

The application of SuperBac's biotechnological products has already reached more than five million hectares in Brazil, with the biggest customers being soybean growers, followed by corn, sugarcane, and wheat crops.

Superbac.jpegThe result of this trajectory attracted an investment of BRL 300 million from the private equity fund XP Asset to enter another billion-dollar market – biopesticides. The company is awaiting the release of the registration of two new products, a bionematicide and a biofungicide.

″The two will always work together. There is no panacea for Brazilian agriculture, which is huge and has food for pests and diseases all year round,″ explained Pauli. ″We set up one of the largest biofactories in Latin America, with a horizon of 10 to 15 years. Until we reach full capacity, we help other companies develop and scale their products,″ he pointed out.

Fermentation equipment can be used to grow probiotic bacteria for the food industry or raw materials for cosmetics manufacturers. ″There is no better place for a biotechnology company than Brazil,″ SuperBac’s director of innovation said in conclusion.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

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Source: AgroNews


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