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Annual 5,500-ton bentazone project launched in high-tech industrial development zone in China’s Xinji City, Hebei Provinceqrcode

Sep. 12, 2023

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Sep. 12, 2023

Xinji Alpha Biotechnology Co., Ltd., began the construction of its annual 5,500-ton bentazone and herbicide intermediates, which is located in a high-tech industrial development zone in Xinji City, Hebei Province in China. The project covers the annual production of 2,000 tons of sulfamide, 1,500 tons of bentazone TC and 2,000 tons of bentazone AS.


The project has received a total investment of RMB105.3 million yuan, being already approved and granted a pollutant discharge permit by the administration authority of the Xinji Economic Development Zone. The company’s bentazone TC and AS registrations have been approved under certificate numbers PD20070116 and PD20070123, respectively.

Xinji Alpha Biotechnology is located in the Xinji High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province, covering a land area of some 100,000-square meters. Its business activities include biotechnical research and development, technical consultancy, technical services, the production and sale of pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and pesticidal intermediates, and the import and export of goods and technology.

Under CAS number 25057-89-0, bentazone is a heterocyclic, selective contact-killing and post-emergence herbicide that is also systemic to some degree. When bentazone solution is absorbed through stem leaves, it is delivered to the green leaves of weeds and inhibits photosynthetic electron transfer, causing the leaves of weeds to wilt, wither and die.

The product has four distinctive features, which are being safe to use (residual period of only 10 hours); having a broad herbicidal spectrum (controlling more than 10 major weeds and dozens of broad-leaved weeds); being fast acting (taking effect in 2 hours and fully effective in 11 hours); and having a wide range of crop applications (control of broad-leaved weeds in rice, bean, potato, onion, garlic, sugarcane, tea tree and traditional herb fields).

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