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Yonon’s innovative acaricide Fabao (acequinocyl 15% EW) to be launched in Chinese marketqrcode

Sep. 8, 2023

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Sep. 8, 2023

Among the most difficult insect pests to control in China, red spider is a very damaging pest that affects citrus, cotton, apple, flower and various vegetables due to its many generations and large populations. The slow development of compounds that can effectively control mites and farmers’ frequent use of a single acaricide have led to resistance in red spiders. When it comes to green and organic farming, there is a rising and urgent need for safe and highly-efficient novel acaricides.

Yonon Bioscience Co., Ltd., is committed to the development of highly-efficient acaricides. Over the past 30 years, the company has maintained a large market share in terms of conventional varieties, such as spirodiclofen, etoxazole and bifenazate, having established relatively complete acaricide technical and formulation product lines. Since 2014, after nine years of technical development, Yonon has successfully developed a novel acaricide, acequinocyl 15% EW, which will be released to the Chinese market under the trade name, Fabao, in early 2024, as a new product in the domestic acaricide market.

Overview of Fabao


Over the past nine years, Yonon’s biotechnical work team has made considerable efforts in synthesizing technical materials, researching formulations, bioassay development and product registration. It has also conducted efficacy tests on 5,000 mu of land in 20 provinces against a variety of pest mites that affect more than 30 common crops, with the participation of 11 provincial and municipal agricultural institutions, as well as agricultural universities, from across the country.

After several years of field efficacy trials, Fabao is proven to offer the following significant advantages over existing compounds:

1) The unique fast killing effect of Fabao can quickly control the insect population. Years of trials have shown that pest mites are poisoned and gradually die in one to two hours after the application of Fabao, and the death rate reached 90% or more within 48 hours. Its insecticidal speed is higher than most of the common acaricides on the market.

2) Fabao has a broad miticidal spectrum, which ensures excellent activity against a variety of pest mites and mites of different ages. In the past years of experimentation, Fabao has been proven to have an advantageous control effect on major pest mites in China, such as Panonychus citri, Tetranychus viennensis, Tetranychus viennensis, two spotted spider mite and yellow tea mite. It is effective in killing both adult mites and nymph mites, being also highly active on mite eggs.
3) Fabao is highly safe for crops. Yonon has delegated a number of authoritative national institutions to conduct tests under various temperatures and humidity levels in different regions and latitudes. The test results show that Fabao is safe for citrus, apple, cotton, winter jujube, melon, papaya and roses during each of their growth periods, especially in the flowering and fruiting stages, which are sensitive periods of growth.

4) Fabao is friendly to the environment and harmless to beneficial organism, such as bees, predatory mites and parasitic bees. It has no reproductive toxicity to mammals, being not carcinogenic or mutagenic.

Market expectations for Fabao

1) The market launch of Fabao will offer a better acaricidal effect and significant cost reduction for growers. Meanwhile, the product can solve the issue of resistance to conventional acaricides, as well as ensure control effect and safety, therefore, fulfilling the rising requirements of farmers. It will surely become an effective tool for farmers to solve the problem of resistance in red spiders and eliminate their concerns, as they have long suffered from crop damage caused by red spiders.


Before spraying, red spider were active and bright red in color;2 days after spraying, the red spider died and turned black

2) After years of field efficacy trials, Fabao is well recognized by farmers and distributors, who have personally witnessed the product’s efficacy and are looking forward to the early launch of Fabao in market. It is believed that after its market launch, the product will become another RMB100 million-sale acaricide, due to its fast-killing effect, broad spectrum, high safety and environmental-friendliness.

3) Yonon already offers wide range of acaricide products. The market launch of Fabao will further enhance the core strength of Yonon’s acaricide brand image, and Fabao will become Yonon’s second corporate success after L-glufosinate.

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