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Sep. 8, 2023

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Sep. 8, 2023

On August 7, the 24th International Forum on Leili Balanced Farming Practice, held under the theme, ″Blue Creation of Balanced Farming,″ was held in Beijing, with the participation of professors and experts from China Agricultural University and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as well as the industry’s technical and marketing personnel from more than 20 Chinese provinces and over 10 countries. During the forum, warm discussions were held on new product functions, innovative marketing, new scenario applications and competitive crop solutions.



Leili’s double-oligosaccharide technology guides development of biostimulants, having reached internationally-advanced level

Since its inception, Leili is always committed to continuous innovation, which guides the rapid development of biostimulants, starting from the chemical method, semi-chemical process, semi-enzymolysis approach and enzymolysis approach, up to today’s full algae biological enzyme and double-oligosaccharide technology developed after 15 years of work. This advancement signifies Leili’s achievement of the fifth evolution of its algae biostimulant technology, which has developed into its present double-oligosaccharide state, being based on double enzymolysis.

Professor Guo Yangdong, doctoral tutor from China Agricultural University, presented a research report on Leili FucoVita, an algin double-oligosaccharide that can regulate the stress resistance gene and antioxidant enzymes to improve crop’s stress tolerance and immunity. The alginic acid oligosaccharide plays a key role in promoting plant growth and inducing stress resistance. In order to improve seed germination and growth, the Leili Technological Innovation Center has screened out an environmentally-friendly, safe and biodegradable alginic acid oligosaccharide that is harmless to humans and natural organisms. In contrast to the control group, its germination rate increased by 4.21%, while root length increased by 10.68% and plant height increased by 11.86%, creating a strong basis for Leili’s upgraded product, RootMost.

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CK                                        Treatment


Leili’s double-oligosaccharide technology meets growers’ needs, fulfills requirements of green and sustainable agricultural development

Leili is maintaining its technology-driven product development approach, having created more than 100 products, from its first anti-resistance product to China’s first algae fertilizer, Leili 2000. Leili’s new product research and development approach is based on farmer’s needs, to constantly explore competitive and disruptive products with superior quality.


Trichoderma viride can inhibit formation of root knot after 7 days of application

Professor Wang Shaohui, specialist in plant science and technology at Beijing University of Agriculture  shared, with the event’s participants, his research into the effect of BioGuard Pro, a Trichoderma spore powder product that prevents and controls root-knot nematodes, concluding that the formation of root knots in the root system can be reduced by 50% after 7 days of application of To satisfy the needs of modern agricultural development, Leili has developed and formulated a number of water-soluble fertilizers containing algae biostimulants using water-fertilizer integration technology. Leili Humic acid alluvial fertiliser, a water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid and Double Win(High tower compound fertilizer) 17-17-17, an all-water-soluble algae high tower compound fertilizer, not only create suitable water and fertilizer conditions for crop growth, but they also improve fertilizer utilization, water storage and retention, as well as soil conditions.


To satisfy the needs of modern agricultural development, Leili has developed and formulated a number of water-soluble fertilizers containing algae biostimulants using water-fertilizer integration technology. Leili Humic acid alluvial fertiliser, a water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid and Double Win(High tower compound fertilizer) 17-17-17, an all-water-soluble algae high tower compound fertilizer, not only create suitable water and fertilizer conditions for crop growth, but they also improve fertilizer utilization, water storage and retention, as well as soil conditions.

During the forum, Leili released two innovative products created after 10 years of research and development using modern biological and biochemical technologies. The two products are referred to as ″double algae products,″ which are Seaweed Essential Oil and Seaweed Biological Water Retaining Agent. The creation of the two novel products proves that algae biohormone products can now be developed into water retention agents and plant essential oils, which will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Leili’s balanced farming solutions comprising ″dual algae products″ that are functionally strong and biodegradable with degradation bioactivity, while being friendly to plants and the environment and having broad application prospects.

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As a seaweed biological water retention agent, Leili’s Seaweed Essential Oil has a high water absorbent rate, which is 600 to 700 times higher and double that of chemical water retention agents. The product has good water-holding and soil-affinitive properties, being capable of repeated water absorption and water release. During the drought period in winter, it can last for more than six months, forming a sticky granular structure within the soil, which is conducive to soil water retention, the alleviation of drought, the improvement of soil structure while being biodegradable. The product is expected to be widely used in agricultural production, to the benefit of water conservation and environmental protection.

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Leili’s seaweed plant essential oil is made from natural food-grade fresh brown algae extract, which is highly selective, safe for humans and animals, and non-toxic to natural enemies. The product can be used in combination with biological control agents to kill lepidoptera pests. In addition, its tank-mix application with herbicides and insecticides leads to a satisfactory effect of control.


Leili’s crop solutions achieve an infinite control effect, creating global high-quality industrial value chain

At the forum, participants from home and abroad witnessed the effects of the application of the Leili Balanced Farming Crop Solution on field crops, cash crops and high-value fruits and vegetables. Data showed that Leili’s ″integrated blue solution″ is of high value to crops under adverse situations in terms of disease resistance, stress resistance, promotion of root growth, sugar increase, coloring, yield increase and quality improvement. It is an important technical and product backup for the establishment of a high-quality fruit and vegetable industry value chain.



Leili’s Alga+solutions have shown excellent efficacy in the growth of fruits and vegetables in Yunnan Province. The application of the Alga 600 + SoftGuard product portfolio to banana crops can effectively degrade the heavy metals left over by glyphosate, promoting the normal growth of the root system and the strong and straight growth of trees, with evenly distributed banana leaves and sufficient dry substances. On avocado, algae biostimulants are used to balance the endogenous hormones of trees to enable better fruiting. Alga 600 + SoftGuard’s frost resistance effect is highly regarded by farmers, proven by a zucchini farmer suffering from frost damage, where two applications of this product combination saved the farmer nearly RMB200,000 yuan.

After a Malaysian customer used Leili’s durian solution, durian trees became more resistant to diseases, therefore, reducing the occurrence of pests and pathogens. The trees could grow healthily while the quality grade of durian improved, producing 70% grade A fruits, while reducing the use of pesticides.

Leili’s Algasoil + Double Win can balanced fertilization solution, which is widely applied to fruits and vegetables in Guangxi, not only promotes ginger’s disease resistance and enables a yield of 5,000 kg per mu, but it also makes citrus fruits tasty and beautiful, leading to bumper harvests for nine consecutive years. The product can maintain the vitality and health of black winter melon in each growing period, resulting in good merchantability and early launch to market for sale.


Leili’s continuous optimization of services to tackle complex and ever-changing scenarios amid worldwide farming challenges

With the accelerated internationalization of global agriculture, more constraints in land, water and environment will occur, which will have an impact on the sustainable development of agriculture. To meet these global agricultural challenges, Leili is undertaking constant technical upgrades and promoting new products and new function development, to enhance the value of solutions and increase economic benefits. These measures will transform product value into the physical products required by growers, which can be continually optimized and upgraded, such that Leili’s crop solutions are applied in complex, changeable and adverse scenarios.

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Cucumber seedlings treated by Leili’s FucoVita grow significantly better than control group

Tang Jie, General Manager of Beijing Leili Group, said, ″FucoVita’s alginic acid oligosaccharide and fucoidan oligosaccharide can induce a plant’s stress resistance gene, including drought resistance and salinity resistance, as well as its immune gene and plant hormone synthesis gene. These key genes are all plant inducible promoters, which, when stimulated by stress, will respond to stress signals, initiate their regulatory mechanisms and activate the expression of a stress resistance gene, therefore, leading to metabolic, physiological and biochemical changes, and improving the stress resistance of plants.″

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Malaysian coffee growers have been confronted by abnormal weather and severe pest and disease invasions, as well as coffee lovers’ complaints about the quality and taste of their coffee. After the application of Leili’s coffee solution, coffee trees become healthy, fruits become plump and full, trees had full bunches and piles ripened at same time, which is convenient for harvesting at increased yields. This is time-saving and labor-saving. The coffee bean density has increased from the previous 595g/L to 860g/L, generating an additional income of MYR335 per acre for farmers.

Moroccan berries are exported to 54 countries. The export product is required to have a high output and be high quality. After the use of Leili’s crop solutions, the flowering and fruiting of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries were much improved, with enhanced immunity that standardizes the color and size of fruits.

Moldovan customers have been cooperating with Leili for 10 years. Leili’s algae biostimulants have shown satisfactory effects in terms of yield increase and stress resistance in wheat. Therefore, wheat emerges evenly and root grows healthily, with high tiller numbers and enhanced photosynthesis, resulting in improved yield and quality.

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Leili has created the unique concept of the balanced farming practice, which guides the fifth technical evolution of alga biological enzymatic hydrolysis. The promotion of new technologies and new products improves the quality of agricultural products and reduces the use of fertilizers and pesticides, having contributed more than 1,000 balanced farming solutions around the world.

Leili has built a balanced agricultural service system, with the establishment of more than 1,000 Leili balanced agricultural service stations in markets both at home and abroad. Leili is actively extending its industrial chain and digital services, which are important drivers of innovation and development. Leili utilizes its specialist technical services and influential brand image to accomplish the ″blue vision,″ and endeavors to build a balanced agricultural value community via the balanced farming practice.

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