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Willowood introduces six new patent agrochemical products this yearqrcode

Sep. 5, 2023

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Sep. 5, 2023

Willowood introduces six new patent agrochemical products this year

Willowood, a global crop protection company, with its innovative and patent solutions is committed to ensure global food security. This year, Willowood has introduced six new patent combinations, pivotal for sustainable agriculture. These chemistries ensure extensive pest coverage in today’s agricultural landscape.

MaXeed, a blend of two fungicides and a systemic insecticide, safeguards seeds against different soil and seed borne pathogens. It is safe and assures healthy and complete germination. It can be used to treat seeds of Wheat, Groundnut, Soybean and Pulses.

Varix, a dual-action fungicide cum antibiotic, effectively controls fungal and bacterial diseases. It is effective against Sheath Blight, Early Blight, Die-back, and Anthracnose in Paddy, Vegetables, Cotton, and Soybean.

Insta-X, a combination of three insecticides, with its multifaceted mode of action, provides instant and long-lasting control against motile and immotile stages of the insects. It controls sucking pests like Hoppers, Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, and Whitefly in crops like Paddy, Mango, and Vegetables.

MitofiX, combination of insecticide & acaricide, works on the concept of Insect Resistance Management. It circumvents resistance and controls complex pest infestations in crops like Chili, Bell Pepper, Tomato, Brinjal, Cucurbits, and Tea.

StarbuX, a combination two different group of insecticides in which one disrupts the nervous system whereas as other damages the powerhouse i.e., mitochondria in insects. Its broad-spectrum feature provides control against sucking pest complex, mites, and lepidopteran pests in Cotton, Bell Pepper, Chilies, Cabbage, and Okra.

BioXam, fusion of a systemic and a contact insecticide, damages the nervous system in insects. It controls lepidopteran and sucking pests in Paddy, Chili, Brinjal, Tomato, Vegetables, Soybean and Cotton.

These unique offerings of Willowood ensure a comprehensive and everlasting protection, aligning to its vision of food for all, sustainability, and agricultural prosperity.

Source: Willowood


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