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Sep. 1, 2023

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Sep. 1, 2023

AgroPages will hold its 4th Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2023) on November 29-30, 2023 in Hangzhou,China.

In previous editions, FAT attracted presence of more than 360 companies across the globe. The 2023 FAT will continue the platform exchange concept of ″global vision, localized innovation″ to gather global expert think tank to share and disseminate cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas. This will be an active promotion to the inter-industry and in-depth exchange and cooperation, which will drive an immense value rise of the formulation industry chain.

The Conference this year is themed with Leading Technology Innovation and Creating Brand Image and will focus on discussion of dynamics within the agrochemical formulation industry chain, including more professional, forward-looking and practical innovative formulation technologies, adjuvant technology, application technology, popular and difficult formula design, scenario-based solution, microplastic-free solution and intelligent manufacturing; discussion will also cover the most promising seed treatment technology, biological formulation and nano-formulation. The exchanges and discussions will be an update of vision, enhancement of the value of the formulation industry and will serve as a joint promotion to the sustainable development of the agrochemical formulation industry.

Call for speakers

The call for speakers is now open until Oct.10,2023. If you are interested in applying to speak about the following topics (Including but not limited to), please submit your abstract for a 20-30 minute presentation to Grace Yuan via grace@agropages.com; agropages@vip.163.com..

2 ways to deliver a speech
- Record and submit a video report to be played at 2023 FAT
- Make and submit report slides, and attend 2023 FAT in person and deliver a speech

Benefits of Speaking
List your company name as sponsor of 2023FAT
List your name as 2023FAT guest speaker
Access to all the reports files of 2023FAT
Free accommodation and catering during two days session of 2023FAT

Grace Yuan | AGROPAGES
Email: grace@agropages.com; agropages@vip.163.com;
Tel:+86 15505713266
Wechat: nanagrace2014; 86 15505713266

You are welcome to register 2023 FAT to exchange and explore the advanced technologies, innovation insights and robust experience of global agrochemical formualtion industry.

Topics for discussion

Industry dynamics
- Global agrochemical formulation market, analysis of key products and future development trend
- Challenges and solutions in the development of novel,safe and efficient agrochemical formulations in China
- Fungicide iterative upgrading ideas and innovative strategies
- Development and application of integrated solutions for field crops
- Global application situation and development trend of UAV aerial crop protection
- Automation and intelligent manufacturing and optimization and upgrading of agrochemical formulations

Scenario-based solutions
- Proprietary formulation technology platform to empower agrochemical formulation innovation
- Application and case study of automation and artificial intelligence in formulation development
- Turnkey Solutions for whole agrochemicals & biologicals development process
- Development and application technology of high-efficient glyphosate formulations
- Challenges and countermeasures for development, production and application of nano-agrochemicals
- New progress and application cases of slow-release and controlled-release technologies for agrochemical formulation
- Progress in research and development of pharmaceutical formulations and its enlightenment to research and development of pesticide formulations
- Agrochemical formulation quality evaluation system, and related new technologies, new methods

Innovative adjuvants
- Innovative solutions for popular and difficult formulations (SC/OD/DF/CS/FS/ULV/VLV.)
- Development of new dispersant system for agrochemical formulation
- Overview of prohibition and restriction of nonylphenol adjuvant in pesticide formulation and alternative solutions
- Challenges in multi-scenario formulation development and countermeasures
- Novel liquid delivery system for water-sensitive active ingredients
- Novel rainfastness technology
- Innovative and sustainable formulation development solution
- Application case study of glufosinate high-performance synergist

Seed treatment
- Overview of seed treatment product registration, technical challenge in development and future development trend
- Novel seed treatment solution and application practices
- Challenges in rice seed treatment technology and solutions

- Challenges in biological development, production and application challenges and solutions
- Challenges and application cases of combination use of biostimulant with pesticides/fertilizers

More topics are being confirmed……



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