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SWAL launches new product Sperto for Soybean and Cotton in Indiaqrcode

Aug. 22, 2023

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Aug. 22, 2023


Acetamiprid 25% + Bifenthrin 25%
Crop:Cotton, Soybean
Target:Whiteflies, Aphids, Pink bollworms, Thrips

SWAL Corporation Ltd. has announced the launch of a new product Sperto designed for soybean and cotton crops in India.

Utilizing a WG formulation that rapidly dissolves in water, Sperto is a combination of Acetamiprid 25% and Bifenthrin 25% Wettable Granules (WG). With a reduced dosage requirement per acre, Sperto proves to be an economical remedy, advocating sustainable farming methods. The WG formulation ensures effortless handling and eradicates the hazard of spillage, drift, or dust formation during the application, leading to healthier air and soil quality. It is ecologically safe and harmless to applicators, setting it apart from other competitively priced alternatives.

图片.pngThe product provides remarkable efficacy in managing a wide range of pests, including whitefly, aphids, jassids, semi looper, and girdle beetles. Its dual mode of action effectively thwarts pest resistance, ensuring a sustainable and enduring approach to pest management while reducing the need for frequent applications. For better results, it is recommended to apply Sperto 40-45 days after sowing in cotton and 20-25 days after sowing in soybean during the Kharif season.

Mr. Pankaj Joshi, Business Head of SWAL, said: "The launch of Sperto is yet another step towards enabling farmers to nurture their fields in harmony with nature, all the while ensuring effective pest management. Beyond the environmental benefits, the adoption of Sperto will help farmers achieve not only better yields but also increased profitability."

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