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Consortium points out Almada fungicide as the most efficient against Asian rustqrcode

Aug. 21, 2023

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Aug. 21, 2023

ADAMA Brasil
Brazil  Brazil

rust.jpgFor the second consecutive year, the fungicide Almada, officially launched in 2022 by ADAMA, was named champion in terms of productivity and in controlling Asian soybean rust at Consórcio em Rede – Ferrugem.

Rust considered the most worrying soybean disease, can cause productivity losses of up to 23 bags per hectare, according to results summarized by Embrapa (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária).

According to cooperative trials conducted by phytopathologists across the country and summarized by Embrapa, Almada stood out as the best solution for managing the disease, with 69% control and the highest productivity among all commercial products registered in Brazil.

图片.pngAccording to Eduardo Martinez, product manager (fungicide) at ADAMA, ″The objective of these tests is to monitor the efficiency of the fungicides available on the market, and this result corroborates what we seek daily at ADAMA, which is to deliver efficient solutions in control and productivity, and increasingly sustainable, that simplify the management of the soybean farmer and avoid mixing in a tank, for example.″

ADAMA's fungicide was crowned champion in the 'Commercial' protocol, that is, the one that compares fungicides that are already available on the market for sale to soybean farmers.

″Almada is a fungicide with an intelligent, unique, and innovative combination of three active ingredients that give the product a spectrum and high efficiency. All these characteristics make our fungicide stand out among competitors, being the only one to present productivity of more than 3,400 kg of soybeans per hectare among all evaluated products and delivering more than 2.4 bags compared to the second place,″ Martinez said.

By having three actives in its formulation, including a multisite, Almada brings more ″practicality and sustainability to the producer's management and eliminates the need to mix it in a tank with other fungicides,″ explained ADAMA's Product (Fungicide) manager.

In the results released in the previous harvest (2021/22), Almada had already stood out as the best fungicide in controlling rust and soybean productivity in the 'RET' protocol, that is, which evaluates products still in the registration phase.

″This demonstrates the robustness of ADAMA's portfolio and our growing investment in R&D in Brazil, combined with innovation, to deliver the best technologies and tools for the Brazilian farmer,″ Martinez highlighted.

ADAMA stated ″it dedicates efforts to the development of exclusive formulations in the protection of crops that deliver the best performance to the farmer, combining profitability, sustainability, and practicality.″

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

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