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Celebrating 10th anniversary of Pilarquim Jiangsu: Craftsmanship for international quality agrochemicalsqrcode

Jun. 28, 2023

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Jun. 28, 2023

A celebration was held in Huai’an, Jiangsu, China, on June 8, 2023, for the 10th anniversary of Pilarquim Jiangsu.

10-year journey towards becoming a leading global pesticide formulator

During the ceremony, a message was received from Mu Canxian, Board Chairman of the Pilarbio Group, covering the development history of Pilarquim Jiangsu over the past ten years.

Pilarquim Beijing was founded on August 5, 2011, and this was followed by a merger with Jiangxi Sprin in the second half of 2012, when an application for a new product registration was submitted. In early 2013, the merged company planned the construction of a newbuild production base in Jiangxi, Jiangsu or Shandong. Eventually, after carefully considering location, administration, basic industries, staffing and logistics in various chemical parks, it was decided that the project would be constructed in the Huai’an Salt Chemical Material Industrial Park, a provincial industrial park of Jiangsu Province.

On June 18, 2013, the new production base received its business registration, meaning that Pilarquim Jiangsu was officially established. Subsequently, a land use contract was executed, followed by preparations for a feasibility study, environmental impact assessment and safety assessment.

At the start of 2014, construction work began, followed by the start of production in December of the same year, becoming a benchmarking for production-oriented projects within the industrial park. In the meantime, Sprin’s six new products filed for registration and were granted approval in early 2014, followed by their market releases in the spring of that year.

The year, 2015, is regarded as a new beginning in Pilarquim Jiangsu’s development history. During that year, Pilarquim established its real sense production base and a fully structured operational entity covering research and development, production, promotion and marketing.

Craftsmanship in international quality agrochemicals the ″belief″ of Pilarquim Jiangsu

From 2015 to 2023, the management team and all employees of Pilarquim Jiangsu, always guided by the ″belief,″ have endeavored to improve themselves constantly, optimize processes and enhance management efficiency, to make Pilarquim Jiangsu an industry landmark and a new model of quality assurance, work safety, pollution control, production and operational efficiency enhancement, as well as customer service. Like its garden-style office, Mingrun Garden, Pilarquim Jiangsu has become a new highlight and symbol of Chinese pesticide enterprises.


Garden Style Office of Pilarquim Jiangsu - Mingrun Garden

Pilarquim Jiangsu’s top management has played its part successfully, achieved rapid growth and made progress

Peng Tao, General Manager of Pilarquim Jiangsu, delivered a speech, stating, ″I have been lucky to work for Pilarquim Jiangsu for almost five years. During these five years, we have witnessed Pilarquim’s rapid growth in international and domestic markets. Pilarquim Jiangsu’s top management has played its part successfully, achieved rapid growth and has made progress.″

With Pilarquim’s considerable investment and unified planning, its current manufacturing base offers scientific planning, a complete professional team, constant technical innovation, first-class equipment, a rich product portfolio, an effective management system and efficient synergistic operation, which are the solid foundations of Pilarquim’s rapid development.


Intelligent Nano Suspension Production Line (Nano PILARTEP)


Intelligent Pilarcore Production Line – Advanced Microencapsulation Process


Perfectly Arranged Formulation Product Warehouse

What is more valuable – Following Pilarquim’s corporate spirit of ″Focusing on the best pesticides, at least, it has been a worthwhile experience for ourselves and the time we spent,″ and the corporate vision of ″To be one of the best agrochemical enterprises in the world,″ Pilarquim Jiangsu has gathered and cultivated a large number of enterprising and enthusiastic staff, which moved forward hand-in-hand towards new achievements.



Pilarquim Jiangsu was established ten years ago in Huai’an with passion and aspiration, where the people of Pilarquim sowed a ″seed of hope″ for global agriculture.

The next ten years will see Pilarbio strive to become one of the top 20 global agrochemical companies. Pilarquim Jiangsu will continue its spirit of craftsmanship and zero-defect quality, adhere to the international production management mechanism and world-class quality criteria, and make ongoing breakthroughs. Sticking to the ″customer-centric core value″ and with its professional dedication, Pilarquim Jiangsu is moving toward becoming a leading global pesticide formulator.


Source: AgroNews


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