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Remarkable success of Pilarquim's Armagedon product in the Peruvian marketqrcode

Jun. 6, 2023

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Jun. 6, 2023

Pilarquim's highly anticipated Armagedon product made its grand entrance into the Peruvian market in 2022, captivating farmers across the nation, especially those involved in rice farming.

Armagedon contains two active ingredients, Clothianidin and Lambda-cyhalothrin, which offer both quick knock-down activity and long-lasting control. This unique combination provides a new and effective solution for managing the rice Sogata pest (Sogatodes orizicolus). Also, thanks to its innovative ZC formulation, it is much safer for the applicators and farmers, since it tremendously reduces adverse effects such as skin irritations, so that farmers can have security and confidence at all times.

With a series of successful product launch events and captivating field demonstrations held at multiple locations, Armagedon has swiftly become a go-to solution for controlling rice Sogata pest, solidifying Pilarquim's reputation for delivering unparalleled product quality and innovative crop protection solutions.


Growers evaluate the efficacy of Armagedon


Armagedon’s launch meeting

With approximately a year of practical experience and market application, Pilarquim is determined to continue exploring new positioning strategies to meet the growing demands of farmers. We will maintain close collaboration with our partners to provide high-quality and high-profit crop protection solutions for the value chain. In addition, we will actively seek new markets to extend the benefits of the Armageddon product to more farmers, contributing to their bountiful harvests.

Pilarquim remains steadfast in our commitment to prioritize quality, contributing to the agricultural sector through exceptional product quality and continuous innovation. We firmly believe that Armagedon will continue to provide reliable solutions to Peruvian farmers, to help them overcome various challenges and achieve sustainable agricultural development.


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