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AgroBrasília 2023 – Highlight on bioinputs with exclusive sectorqrcode

May. 30, 2023

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May. 30, 2023

The bioinput sector had a prominent position and received an exclusive sector at the AgroBrasília 2023 Fair, which had special coverage by AgroPages.


The event, held last week in the Brazilian capital, featured stands from various exhibitors, with launches of products made by major brands with cutting-edge technology.

Bioinputs are increasingly popular among Brazilian producers and have been encouraged through purchases financed with the help of bank credit.


The largest Brazilian private bank, Itaú announced the availability of BRL 500 million until the end of the year for the loan to facilitate the purchase of biological inputs for the 2023/2024 harvest.

Moara Bioinsumos

One of the novelties this year was the presence of the company Moara Bioinsumos, which presented its ″high technology″ biological products.

Luiz Fernando Sibut - Moara.jpeg

Luiz Fernando Sibut, CEO of the company Moara Bioinsumos, stated that biological pesticides are still cheaper than conventional ones.

″The main advantage is using a multipurpose product, which controls a greater number of pests, but which is not aggressive to the environment as it is made with microorganisms from the environment itself, manipulated in the laboratory,″ explained Sibut.


The name, Moara, originates from the language spoken by the Brazilian native peoples and means ″to help to be born″.

This is the concept defended by the company, which participated in the unprecedented stand dedicated to pulses and special harvests.

There, the results obtained with crops such as beans and other grains cultivated using bioinputs were presented.

biorreactor-MOARA.jpg  Trichogramma-dez-2020.jpg

In the market for two years and ten months, the company has its own laboratories and bioreactors to work with microorganisms, with controlled temperature, humidity, oxygen, and PH processes.

″All this helps us to have a well-formulated product with high efficiency in the field,″ Sibut said in conclusion.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

Source: AgroNews


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