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Ascenergy sells Brazil’s largest drone for agricultureqrcode

May. 29, 2023

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May. 29, 2023

Ascenergy sells Brazil’s largest drone for agriculture

By Bruna Garcia Fonseca

Ji-Paraná – A firm based in Porto Velho, Rondônia, imports agricultural drones from China with its own Brazilian brand. Ascenergy has the sector’s largest drones, the biggest of which holds 72 liters. The company also sells 59- and 30-liter versions. The drones serve for the application of pesticides, planting of grass and rice seeds, and the application of solid or granulated fertilizers. The 72-liter drone is on display at the Rondônia Rural Show Internacional 2023 that’s taking place in Ji-Paraná until Saturday (27).

In an interview with ANBA, Ascenergy managing partner Jean Carlos Guidin said the drone allows the product application across smaller crops, optimizes the volume of the product applied, and provides more control for the application. ″It doesn’t affect neighboring areas that can be environmental protection areas, wastes 90% less water than planes and don’t cause fossil fuel pollution, as they are fully electric,″ said Guidin.

Brazil’s largest drones sprays up to 240 hectares a day. It has eight batteries, and each of his flights uses two spark plugs and lasts for eight to ten minutes. This is the time needed to recharge other batteries and keep using the drone.

The firm only is only one-year old and is in the process of attracting investors for expanding the brand across Brazil, and Guidin said they are very interested in investments from the Arab countries. Besides Jean Carlos, the firm has his brother Ruan Guidin and Rafael Freitas as managing partners.

Ascenergy also operates in the photovoltaic industry and sells solar panels for medium and large-sized companies.

Read the original article at BRAZIL-ARAB NEWS AGENCY (ANBA)


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