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SINVOCHEM: Rising to Gradually Become a World-Class Green Agrochemical Adjuvant Supplier, Driven by 15 Years of Full Dedicationqrcode

May. 18, 2023

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May. 18, 2023

Meet SINVOCHEM at 52N03 CAC 2023

As China’s leading agricultural surfactant solution provider, after 15 years of unremitting efforts, SINVOCHEM has become an outstanding agrochemical adjuvant platform, through its high-level research capacity and efficient and sustainable supply capabilities. Due to its sustained business strategy and technological innovation, the company has made continuous improvements to its product fine tuning, production digitalization and corporate globalization procedures, having quickly achieved all-round progress to gradually become a world-class green pesticidal adjuvant supplier and service provider.

Dr. James Qin (CTO and Founder of SINVOCHEM) recently spoke to AgroPages and highlighted the company’s latest business developments both at home and abroad, as well as the progress of new projects, its core adjuvant series and product advantages, its precision development strategy, innovative agrochemical products for multiple scenario applications, nanoformulation development planning and cooperation plans.


Can you tell us about the business performance of SINVOCHEM in recent years, as well as its business development both at home and abroad, achievements and future development plan?


SINVOCHEM has established business relations with some 500 customers both at home and abroad. This cooperation has been fruitful and widely recognized in the market, with products being sold in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia. In 2022, SINVOCHEM achieved a 16% business growth. Its adjuvants are leading the way in industry development in terms of applications of SC, DF and CS formulations while major breakthroughs in the research and development of nanopesticide adjuvant have been made. Over 15 years of continued investment in the agrochemical industry, the company has become an outstanding agrochemical adjuvant platform with strong research-oriented service capacities, as well as efficient and sustainable supply capabilities. We are prepared to continue our process of product fine tuning, plant digitalization and corporate globalization, with the aim of becoming a respectable global agrochemical adjuvant supplier.

Can you share SINVOCHEM’ new project progress and its strategic importance to the company’s future development? 

SINVOCHEM adheres to its R&D-driven innovative operations plan, having established two R&D centers in Nanjing and Yangzhou while working on upgrading the Yangzhou R&D Center, which is expected to start operations this May when its 3,000 m2 application evaluation laboratory will offer a complete R&D platform for research and application of fine chemicals for use in pesticide adjuvants, which will further improve the company’s application scenario-based service capacity.


Figure 1. Nanjing R&D center


Figure 2. Yangzhou R&D center

In addition, to further expand the company’s production capacity and improve its logistic and storage system, the SINVOCHEM Phase II Project has been completed and Phase III is progressing steadily as planned and is scheduled for completion and operation in 2025. 

The product series includes functional polyether, polycarboxylate, naphthalene sulfonate and polyether polyol, whose production capacity will increase by 100,000 tons per year to cover all pesticidal adjuvant categories, enhancing the company’s global supply capacity. In June, the intelligent stereoscopic warehouse will start to be used for warehousing process control, real-time monitoring and logistics information management and tracking, to ensure effective and smooth product quality control and produce a stable supply of products for customers. 

Please highlight SINVOCHEM’s major adjuvant series and unique advantages, while explaining some of application cases. 

In recent years, due to the strengthening of supervision on safety and environmental protection regulations and policies, as well as the inconsistent quality of technical products and the difficulty in synthesizing new AIs, requirements for the functional development of adjuvants becomes higher as a result of the new regulatory requirements and the need to adapt to complex formulations and improve the utilization rate of pesticides.

SINVOCHEM establishes downsized formulation research platform and travels to customer’s production chain to analyze the relationship between laboratory small-scale testing and customer’s mass production requirements, having developed a series of classic products that have been tested and proven by applications in the market. These product series include the highly-efficient weak cation dispersant SP-3275, which effectively solves the problem of crystal growth during the storage of low melting point SC formulation; the combination of SP-SC29 and SP-27001, which is suitable for most high-concentration and hard-to-disperse SC formulation; the mix of SP-DF2260 and SP-DF2231Y, which is dispersible and stable in most DF suspensions; the super spreading agent, SP-4026SJ, which can promote the uniform spread of agents on the target leaf surface to reach the hidden parts, such as calyx, for the effective control of resistant insects; SP-4506, which can effectively regulate droplet size during spraying to improve the adhesion and penetration of agents on the target surface; the naphthalene sulfonate dispersant, SP-2818, and polycarboxylate dispersant, SP-2836, which are of universal and suitable for processing water dispersible granule formulations based on multiple-compound products, to improve the suspension performance of formulations and simplify and generalize formulation development; the natural vegetable oil emulsifier, SP-OF3418, which has an excellent compatibility with natural vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, corn oil and sunflower oil, being free from nonyl phenol while still remaining emulsifiable under hard water and low temperatures; the novel block polyether emulsifier, SP-3850, which can be applied to EC,ME and EW formulations, being remarkably emulsifiable and soluble, to improve emulsification and emulsification stability while being adaptable to the scenario of high-concentration diluted aerial application. 

In terms of multiple scenario-oriented precision development and the application of agrochemical formulations, what innovative technologies and research achievements have been made?

Following the customer application scenario-oriented innovation concept, SINVOCHEM has established a full-life cycle research and development platform Figure3,4 that focuses on pesticide droplet delivery, which concentrates on the research and analysis of data relevant to pesticide molecular delivery, pesticide performance and field efficacy.


Figure 3. Physical Parameters Lab


Figure 4. Interface Evaluation Lab

Based on a related study, a series of research and development achievements have been made. Due to high surface tension, SC formulation often splash on the target leaf surface and fall back. To improve application effect in the field, a synergist is usually used to improve the delivery of the pesticide to the target, but the addition of SC formulation adjuvant often leads to increased formulation viscosity or may even cause a stability problem due to creaming or layering. To solve this problem, SINVOCHEM has developed the dedicated wetting penetrant, SP-6535SJ, which makes it easier for agents to adhere to the target surface with much-improved spreading ability, to improve the contact of the agent to hidden insects. At the same time, the particle size and viscosity of the SC formulation can be better controlled. 

For high temperature and rainy regions, in order to reduce the impact of rainfall on the effectiveness of protective fungicides, SINVOCHEM has developed SP-4372, which is a rainfastness adjuvant suitable for non-dissolving formulations, such as SC, WP and WDG. This product can enhance the rainfastness of active ingredients, covering copper agents, aminodithioformic acid, substituted benzene and imidodicarbonic diamide, to resist adverse environmental factors and, therefore, improve the retention of pesticides in an adverse environment and prolong the residual period of pesticides. 



Figure 5&6. Field trial

Could you please introduce the nanopesticide adjuvant & formulation development service and research results of SINVOCHEM?

Though the use of nanoformulation technology, pesticides in formulations or dispersion systems with average particle sized active ingredients can steadily exist in a nanoscale dispersion state, and can be regarded as nanopesticides. Nanopesticides can utilize their small size effect, interfacial effect, and targeted delivery and controlled release properties to improve the effectiveness of pesticides, therefore, becoming a hot topic in the innovation and development of pesticide formulations. 

Through the wet grinding process, SINVOCHEM has developed its highly-efficient grinding-aid dispersant series, which is suitable for the production of nanosuspensions. The product series has a significant grinding-aid effect, which reduces the time required for wet grinding up to the level of a nanometer product, as well as energy consumption while optimizing particle size distribution and inhibiting particle size growth. The functional dispersants SP-3275 and SP-SC3219 can effectively control particle size growth or even the formation of creaming during the storage of nanosuspensions. Meanwhile, SINVOCHEM has successfully applied its polymer solubilization technology to the production of nanoemulsions without the use of any solvents in the formula system, therefore, making them very friendly to the ecological environment. The special solubilizing nanoemulsion adjuvant SP-52 series developed by the company has been successfully applied to production of nanoemulsions, including pyrethroids, emamectin benzoate and beta-cypermethrin, representing progress in the production and industrialization of nanoformulations.

纳米悬浮剂入水分散.jpg  纳米与Zeta电位测定仪.png

Figure 7. Nano suspension disperses in water

Figure 8. Nano particle size analyzer


With the company’s continuous market development both at home and abroad, have there any changes to the business model of SINVOCHEM? Are you looking for further cooperation opportunities? 


After 15 years of persistent business development, SINVOCHEM has become a leading agricultural surfactant solution provider in China. Meanwhile, we have established our business in the global market. Our products are currently exported to South America, Eastern Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and South Asia, being well recognized by every local market. We have initiated the EPA and REACH registration processes, which will widen our trade in the international market. 

SINVOCHEM aims to offer customers green adjuvants supported by the appropriate level of service. Through the establishment of agrochemical application-oriented laboratories abroad and the provision of free technical services, SINVOCHEM is getting deeply involved in the overseas market, where we are accelerating the localization process to work closely with local customers to achieve ″better delivery of pesticide efficacy.″ 


Figure 9. Yangzhou manufacturing base

International formulators and agrochemical distributors are welcome to talk to SINVOCHEM about potential cooperation.

If you are interested in cooperation with SINVOCHEM, please contact:


Email: alex@sinvochem.com

Tel: 0086-15094373731

Meet SINVOCHEM at 52N03 CAC 2023

This article was published in AgroPages '2023 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology ' magazine published this May.

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