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Set the stage for a bountiful harvest: The Value Behind Seawinner Exclusive Seaweed Extractqrcode

May. 15, 2023

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May. 15, 2023

Seawinner 818, as an exclusive Seaweed Extract from Seawin patented ″Enzymolysis Fermentation Coupling Extraction Technology″, with higher content of core ingredients --- Alginic Acid and Seaweed Polysaccharide, as well as chelated secondary & trace elements, shows outstanding effect on promoting plants’ growth, increasing yield and improving quality.


The following trial data shows its effectiveness in increasing yield and improving quality:

Trial No. 1

Crop: Wheat

Treatment: Seawinner 818 by foliar spray with ratio 1:800

Competitor:  Regular black seaweed extract by foliar spray with ratio 1:800

Trial Result: Compared to the competitor, Seawinner 818 increased wheat stem diameter by 19.44%; increased yield by 306kgs/ha.


Trial No. 2

Crop: Tomato

Treatment:Use Seawinner 818 together with regular NPK fertilizer, 7.5kgs / ha by fertigation

Control(CK):Regular NPK fertilizer

Trial Result: Compared to the control, Seawinner 818 increased tomato hardness by 10.85%; increased Brix by 13.33%.


Both trials demonstrate that Seawinner 818 can increase crop stem diameter, enhance crop lodging resistance, increase fruit hardness and sugar content, improve fruit storability and taste,

finally achieve yield increase and income growth.


More trials data sharing will come soon, or meet us at booth No. 72J18 of CAC for further information. Meanwhile there will be a speech about Seawinner 818 at CAC, and Seawin R&D team would be glad to respond to your questions about it. Or contact right now with:


email:sales@coub.cn    www.seawin-bio.com


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