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New mode of action classification for BASF insecticide Axalion® Activeqrcode

May. 5, 2023

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May. 5, 2023
  • Axalion is the sole representative of Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Group 36

  • First new mode of action classification for the control of piercing and sucking insects since 2015

  • New insecticide innovation provides farmers with much-needed tool to control resistant pests

Axalion® Active, BASF’s newest insecticide innovation, was recently designated as a new and distinct mode of action by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC). Based on research and discovery by BASF, Axalion is the only representative of the new ″Group 36″, targeting a new site in chordotonal organs. Axalion is the first insecticide for the control of piercing and sucking pests to receive a new IRAC mode of action classification since 2015.

″We are extremely excited about the new IRAC classification as Axalion is not only the sole representative of new Group 36, but it is also the only representative of a unique insecticidal class of chemistry, the Pyridazine amides,″ said Harold Bastiaans, Vice President Global Research Insecticides at BASF Agricultural Solutions. ″New modes of action, such as Axalion, offer growers greater flexibility to control target pests while helping to reduce insecticide resistance.″

Axalion is BASF’s newest insecticide innovation and contains the active ingredient dimpropyridaz. It is designed to safeguard a broad range of fruits, vegetables, row crops and ornamentals from damaging piercing and sucking insect pests. Specifically designed to work harmoniously with beneficials and pollinators when applied in accordance with label instructions, Axalion controls pests that have developed resistance to existing chemistries. Already available for use in Australia as Efficon® Insecticide, farmers in Asia Pacific, Europe and South America are expected to have access to Axalion in the near future.

The only member of new IRAC Group 36, Axalion quickly disrupts the function of chordotonal stretch receptor organs which are tiny sensory organs that provide insects with their senses of hearing, orientation, and balance. Once the functionality of these organs is disrupted, the target pests become uncoordinated, and unable to feed and/or transmit viruses.

IRAC is an international organization founded by the agrochemical industry to facilitate communication and education on insecticide resistance, and to promote the development of resistance management strategies to maintain efficacy and support sustainable agriculture and improved public health. More information about IRAC can be found here.

Source: BASF


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