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Yuelian Baoshou (Pyraclostrobin+Epoxiconazole) – A product to increase grain yieldqrcode

Apr. 19, 2023

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Apr. 19, 2023

In recent years, the issue of yield increase is discussed as a means to secure food supply in the limited land area.

The yield increase for grain crops such as wheat and corn firstly depends on how diseases are prevented and controlled, on which the growth of grain crops lies. To this end, a product named Yuelian Baoshou, produced by Shanghai Yuelian, has been recommended to growers. It is a fungicide not only safeguarding the growth of crops but also increasing the yield of crops. The product is registered for prevention and control of wheat powdery mildew, wheat scab and corn leaf blight.


Only ME formulation

Yuelian Baoshou is a mixture of pyraclostrobin 12.3% + epoxiconazole 4.7%, the only ME formulation in China, developed by Shanghai Yuelian’s research and development team based on its long-year technical reserve. The product can effectively avoid the defects existing with SC and SE formulations, thus ensuring the stability of the formulation and a maximized retention of active ingredient without being dissolved out.

Nanoparticle size providing more powerful efficacy

Yuelian Baoshou is prepared in ME formulation, which has reached nanoparticle size, being 1,000 times smaller than normal SC formulation. After being sprayed to crops, the smaller size allows for quicker absorption, which does not easily cause waste of the agent while providing stronger efficacy over the SC and SE competing products.


(Yuelian Baoshou’s particle size D90 at 563nm)

High mixability for aerial application

In the course of research and development of Yuelian Baoshou, full consideration is given to aerial application. Through screening of dozens of imported aerial application-oriented adjuvants, Yuelian Baoshou successfully found the most suitable aerial application adjuvant, F-520. The addition of F-520 enables perfect mixing of Yuelian Baoshou with other kinds of products such as high phosphorus and potash fertilizers, which makes aerial application much easier.


Satisfactory effects of disease control and yield increase

As a mixture of pyraclostrobin and epoxiconazole, Yuelian Baoshou contains photosynthetic factor, N assimilation factor, crop anti-premature aging factor and crop supplementary immunization factor. These disease control and yield increase factors can accelerate crop’s N absorption, enhance photosynthesis and reduce crop premature aging, thus to achieve an outstanding effect on disease control and yield increase.

Recommended use

For wheat:

The use of Yuelian Baoshou is recommended at 50ml per mu (1/15 hectare), to be applied once respectively during regrowing – jointing and head sprouting – flowering;

For corn:

The use of Yuelian Baoshou is recommended at 50ml per mu (1/15 hectare), to be applied once respectively before the stage V12 and VT tasseling.

In the meantime, there is a plan to register the product for extended application to control other targets.

Source: Yuelian


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