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Tecnoshow 2023 – BASF will have some 150 launches by 2030qrcode

Apr. 11, 2023

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Apr. 11, 2023

BASF's Agricultural Solutions Division announced to AgroPages that over the next seven years, it will have around 150 launches of crop protection solutions for Latin America.


Tecnoshow 2023 fair

During the Tecnoshow 2023 fair, the multinational also confirmed that there will be launches of biotechnological events and digital tools, in addition to varieties of soybean, cotton, rice, and fruit and vegetable seeds.

According to BASF, the innovation pipeline is projected to have potential sales with a peak value of more than €7.5 billion, through solutions that will be launched to the market over the next ten years.

″Our goal is to gradually become an integrated solutions company and expand the options we can offer farmers,″ said Livio Tedeschi (Global President of BASF's Agricultural Solutions Division).


Livio Tedeschi, Global President of BASF's Agricultural Solutions Division

That is why the company continues to invest heavily in research and development, with €944 million invested in 2022, he added, stating, ″Farmers can continue to rely on BASF in terms of the development and co-creation of new active ingredients, innovative formulations, and biotechnological events, adding more value to agricultural production, both economically and environmentally.″

Peter Eckes (Global President of R&D and Regulatory at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions Division) said the company’s pipeline is clearly strengthening not only ″chemicals and environmental sciences, but also biotechnology knowledge and data for future innovations.″

″BASF's pipeline for weed control is an excellent example of how our multidisciplinary approach develops solutions that balance out the needs of farmers, society and the environment,″ Eckes added.

BASF told AgroPages that it is developing and integrating innovations in seeds, crop protection and digital solutions, tailored to the needs of farmers in Latin America.

One of the recent major releases in Brazil is the fungicide, Belyan (Mefentrifluconazole, Pyraclostrobin, and Fluxapyroxad).

The solution has the active ingredient, Revysol, which is a product of the triazole chemical group, with a new and exclusive mode of action.

The fungicide is an important tool for managing resistance in strategic crops, such as soybeans and cotton, and has been available to Brazilian cotton growers since the last harvest, and will be available to soybean growers for the next harvest.

Solutions based on the active ingredient, Revysol, are also used in other important Latin American countries.


In the coming years, BASF said new solutions based on Revysol are guaranteed to complement the management of diseases in crops in the region.

In its herbicide portfolio, BASF will launch Tirexor (trifludimoxazin) in the Argentine market in 2023, which is a herbicide belonging to a new class of PPO (protoporphyrinogen oxidase) inhibitors designed for controlling broadleaf weeds, as well as a wide variety of grasses.

The solution is already available in Canada and Australia, and in the coming years, it will also be launched in several Latin American countries.

BASF told AgroPages that it is working on developing biotechnological events for key crops, such as soy and cotton, which will contribute to the legacy of farmers.

In the pipeline under development for soybeans, biotechnological events that offer resistance to nematodes, a pest that causes crop losses of up to 30%, as well as resistance to Asian rust and caterpillars, in addition to tolerance to herbicides with different modes of action, stand out. The novelty should reach the markets of Brazil and Paraguay in the early 2030s.

BASF stand.png

For cotton crops, the company's efforts will be concentrated on the GLITP platform, which includes varieties with tolerance to the herbicides, Isoxaflutole, Glufosinate and Glyphosate, in coordination with BT proteins, which will control the crop’s most serious pests. The commercial pre-launch of the platform in Brazil is scheduled for 2024.

In the area of digital solutions, BASF is maintaining its investment focus on Bosch BASF Smart Farming -- Joint Venture, created to develop the Intelligent Spraying Solution.

In addition, the xarvio FIELD MANAGER platform will offer a solution in the Brazilian market that will recommend the correct time to apply fungicides.

Sergi Vizoso-Sansano (Senior Vice President of BASF's Agricultural Solutions Division in Latin America) said that innovation is the foundation of the industry and a key part of BASF's value offering.

″BASF aims to provide an increasingly better experience to customers with a complete view of crops, combining efficiency and sustainability. Our work is focused on offering greater productivity to farmers around the world while reducing impacts on natural resources,″ he said.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

Source: AgroNews


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