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Farmers and global agribusiness companies unite to form the Turningpoint Alliance to accelerate regenerative farming and produce carbon-negative foodqrcode

Mar. 29, 2023

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Mar. 29, 2023

Zero Summit and Vidavo Ventures announced the launch of the Turningpoint Alliance (turningpointalliance.org), a global call to action to decarbonize our food systems, co-founded with farmers representing over 10 million acres of cropland and 15 million tons of livestock.

The Alliance will include some of the largest crop and livestock farmers, co-ops, novel input providers, tech innovation firms, food companies, and corporate buyers of carbon credits, all of whom support the Alliance's declaration to build more sustainable food systems and help accelerate the transformation required to achieve the UN's goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Over fifteen initial co-founding members have joined the Alliance and signed its pledge, including Bom Futuro, Coopercitrus, Locks, Minerva Foods, Scheffer, SLC, Open Ag Farm, BASF and Embrapa. The Alliance also aims to identify, advance and increase investment in emerging technology innovations critical to industry-wide decarbonization.

Paula Pinto, an agribusiness executive with more than 25 years of experience in global multinationals, has been appointed CEO of the Alliance. "Regenerative soil management practices, artificial intelligence, precision agriculture, farm electrification, and biological inputs will transform the way we produce food and potentially sequester more than 100 gigatons of CO2 in the next three decades. Our members are pioneers in this field. Together with many more stakeholders that will be joining us, we can reach a planetary turning point in the fight against climate change," said Pinto.


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