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Leading vineyard management company looks to Lumo as new standard for irrigation managementqrcode

−− Redwood Empire Vineyard Management to deploy first of its kind smart irrigation technology in vineyards this summer

Mar. 16, 2023

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Mar. 16, 2023

Leading vineyard management company looks to Lumo as new standard for irrigation management

Lumo [lumo.ag], an Agtech company focused on water sustainability through the development of smart valve and irrigation technology, announced that leading vineyard management company, Redwood Empire Vineyard Management (REVM) is set to trial the first smart irrigation valve for growers this summer.

REVM is among the first vineyard management companies to recognize the benefits of Lumo's smart irrigation technology. The vineyard management company, which manages vineyards on behalf of vineyard owners and provides a range of services such as the planting and harvesting of grapes, vineyard maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, and pest and disease management, understands the importance of an irrigation system that delivers consistent and reliable results.

"Lumo's smart irrigation valve is very promising and could significantly help us reallocate our resources in a much more efficient way," says Tyler Klick, owner of REVM. "With current automated irrigation systems, there's no convenient way of knowing whether or not a scheduled irrigation was executed properly, so we have to manually check throughout the day, which ends up costing us time, money, and our most important resource – water. Having the ability to get real-time flow data and reports will enable us to truly automate our irrigations."

"We manage hundreds of vineyards that use different irrigation management systems and all present their own unique challenges. This can be a daunting task," says Kilck. "Lumo's solution is promising because it has the potential to become the standard irrigation solution in the vineyards we manage. This would help us operate much more efficiently and create more value for our clients."

Lumo's smart irrigation valve is the first of its kind, offering growers unparalleled precision and efficiency. Each valve is wirelessly connected to the internet and features built-in sensors that capture and report on the volume of water used during each irrigation event. This technology provides complete visibility into every irrigation, eliminating the need for manual logging and reporting.

The technology delivers precise volumes of water to each block, with automatic shutoff occurring when a specified volume has been reached. This ensures that vineyards can make the most of their time, limiting the need for unnecessary site visits. Lumo's technology also identifies irrigation anomalies, such as suspiciously high or low flow rates, enabling teams to manage by exception and focus only on sites that require attention.

"Lumo's technology is poised to revolutionize the way vineyard management companies irrigate their vineyards," says Devon Wright, CEO of Lumo. "We are excited to work with REVM this summer to demonstrate the power of our smart irrigation valve and help vineyards become more efficient and sustainable."

Source: Lumo


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