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2023 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) opens for global registration!qrcode

Mar. 9, 2023

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Mar. 9, 2023


Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China    

Time: Jul. 13, 2023-Jul. 14, 2023


Register for 2023CPEW

Rebuild the image of China in global industry value chain

At the end of 2022, China finally stepped out of the most stringent COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Its overall economic growth slowed down, while the agricultural and agrochemical sector still maintained strong and steady growth. The development and construction of new pesticide products and projects remain hot, and the pesticide export level has returned to normal and showing structural changes. 


Overseas, the follow-up impact of local military conflict continues. Europe says goodbye to cheap energy, the development of industrial manufacturing being hindered and the agrochemical industry ushered in corresponding changes. Regional market represented by ASEAN has great potential for development. 

In July 2023, CPEW will be held for the sixth time, and open for overseas registration again! 

In previous events, more than 1,000 delegates from over 400 enterprises globally gathered on this platform, to discuss the development trend of China's agrochemical market, find potential partners and explore the development opportunities in global agriculture industry.

This time, we will jointly discuss how the Chinese pesticide industry to reshape its image in global industry value chain, and how the agrochemical enterprises can find its irreplaceable position in the new global industrial structure to jointly develop with each other and to ensure global food security and sustainable development of agriculture.


  • The opportunity of industrial upgrading in China's fine chemical industry in global energy structure transition

  • Dynamic analysis of China's pesticide export policy and export structure

  • Resource integration and output of China's agricultural technology and product service

  • Strategic product development and global market competition: L-glyphosate, Prothioconazole, Chlorantraniliprole, etc.

  • Forum: The collaboration and synergy of China's pyridine industry and its outbreak in the downstream pesticide

  • Forum: New mode of agrochemical international trade services of China

  • How do multinationals adjust development strategy to cope with competition challenges

  • Changes in the European agrochemical market: manufacturing; supply chain; restricted use of compounds; pesticide use reduction

  • The rise of ASEAN agrochemical market represented by Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, etc.

  • How to integrate international resources to gain development impetus for regional market

More topics are being confirmed……

Previous event  

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Who should attend

Leading Chinese agrochemical manufactures/traders;

Multinational corporations; 

Agrochemical importers/manufacturers/distributors from local markets;

Agrochemical consulting companies and CROs from different countries;

Investment institutions, large growers and other stakeholders;



Apply to be speakers

If you would like to be a CPEW speaker on the above topics, please contact us to apply. We will provide free reporting opportunities to suitable candidates. 

Apply to make showcase in 2023 CPEW

If you have specific crop problems and are looking for crop protection products or solutions from Chinese suppliers, please send us video showing the crop problem. We provide free demonstration at the workshop to help find the right partner for you. 

Participation and Sponsorship 

Participate to understand the development trend of China's pesticide industry and discover new opportunities in the global market

Sponsor the event to promote your brand image and showcase your specialty and strength, build new cooperation.


Register for 2023CPEW


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