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LIDA Plant Research launches the BIOFORCE rangeqrcode

−− New range of solutions based on microorganisms and biostimulants suitable for organic farming

Mar. 8, 2023

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Mar. 8, 2023



LIDA Plant Research has put on the market its Bioforce range, which combines the best of LIDA's bioactive substance research lines with the benefits of microorganisms.

″This range includes products such as Rental Bioforce, with a special formulation based on leonardite humic acids, seaweed enriched with selected strains of Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus, and other solutions such as Amonite and Trilobite.″

Benefits and differentiation in the market

″Bioforce fulfills the important goal of allowing farmers to improve their crop yields.″

"Its benefits include the improvement of soil vitality, the solubilization of nutrients, and the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, increasing its concentration and availability in the soil, which allows reducing the contribution of synthetic fertilizers, thus reducing their carbon footprint and combating soil degradation."

″This new innovative range now joins the company's other product lines: such as its renowned phyto-vaccines, biostimulants, and nutritional products, all of which showcase the company's commitment to continuous research for more than 35 years.″


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