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How Parijat Industries’ new insecticide benefits farmers and climateqrcode

Feb. 16, 2023

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Feb. 16, 2023

How Parijat Industries’ new insecticide benefits farmers and climate

Rising temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns caused by climate change are leading to the emergence of new pests in agricultural fields. According to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the warmer temperatures are allowing pests to survive and reproduce at faster rates. In response to the problem, the Indian government has launched several initiatives, which include providing access to new technologies and training programs that help farmers identify and control the pests.

In this context, Parijat Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. has came up with a very innovative insecticide that provides good control over several lepidopteran pests. This molecule owing to the state of art technology in its formulation has been granted patent by Government of India and is the first ever officially recommended Insecticide over Fall Armyworm of Maize. The name of this technical is VELEKTIN. VELEKTIN provides wide spectra of control on lepidopteran pests and in addition to Maize, it has label claim against lepidopteran pests in Cotton, Chilli and Soybean. VELEKTIN is a "Made In India" product with amazing results and has established itself as a PRIDE OF THE INDIAN FARMER.

Mr Uday Raj Anand (Director, Parijat Industries India Pvt Ltd) said ″we at Parijat Industries are committed to proactively responding to challenges facing Indian agriculture and have a dedicated R&D team working on cutting edge technologies to dynamically respond to farmer needs″

The ICAR is calling on the government to prioritize investments in research and development that will help farmers adapt to the changing climate and reduce the impact of new pests on crops. In conclusion, climate change is bringing new challenges and emergence of new pests is causing significant damage to crops and threatening food security.


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