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Australia - Colex-D, a vital tool for weed managementqrcode

Feb. 7, 2023

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Feb. 7, 2023

Australia - Colex-D, a vital tool for weed management

Corteva has long recognized the benefits and strengths of 2,4-D as a herbicide.

With its robust broad spectrum activity on some of the most important hard to kill weeds in fallow, it is well justified as a vital tool for weed management. However, for many farmers, the use of current 2,4-D products is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain due to the proximity of 2,4-D sensitive crops and restricted use areas.

Colex-D is a next generation, patented technology that offers all the performance and efficacy of normal 2,4-D products, but has field proven Drift Reduction Technology (DRT), near-zero volatility and ultralow odour built in.

Colex-D will provide a superior offering which will allow farmers to comply with APVMA label requirements and use 2,4-D with more confidence.

What is Colex-D technology?

Colex-D herbicide contains a combination of novel technologies.

  1. Colex-D formulation contains proprietary materials that reduce the production of driftable fine droplets. This has been confirmed with wind tunnel tests for specific mix partners and nozzles types which will be detailed on the label once registration is approved.

  2. Colex-D contains a new patented form of 2,4-D (choline) that is essentially non-volatile reducing the potential for vapour loss to a fraction of the risk from either 2,4-D amine or 2,4-D ester.

  3. Colex-D has been designed with improved characteristics for practical use including ultralow odour and good compatibility.

Guy Sands, Colex-D Product Manager said ″Colex-D is an ideal option in Australia because it allows farmers to take advantage of the robust weed control 2,4-D is known for, while significantly reducing off-target movement that has been a problem with older 2,4-D formulations.″

″Colex-D is an exciting development for Australian agriculture and addresses many of the major concerns associated with traditional 2,4-D products.″

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