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Guardian™ technology by Energis achieves pathogen reduction milestone in wheat temperqrcode

−− Validated 3rd party study confirms an average 5.40 log reduction of pathogens in wheat temper with the Guardian System

Jan. 11, 2023

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Jan. 11, 2023

Guardian™ technology by Energis achieves pathogen reduction milestone in wheat temper

Energis Solutions™ has released results from a recent validated study confirming its pathogen reduction technology, Guardian™, which is highly effective in reducing common pathogens found in the wheat tempering process. The study shows Guardian™ performs at a 225% higher kill rate than acid based(1) solutions without leaving chemical residuals or altering the functionality of wheat and flour.

As part of the study, Hard Red Winter wheat was inoculated with E. faecium (salmonella) and e-coli (STEC) and then treated using Energis Solutions™, Guardian™, Treatment technology. Results showed an average 5.40 log reduction of e-coli and an average 3.93 log reduction of salmonella when analyzed against the non-treated control samples. The study was performed by a trusted 3rd party lab in partnership with Panhandle Milling at their facility in Dawn, Texas.

Guardian™ by Energis uses patented technology and equipment to create an on-demand "energized" water-based solution. The Guardian™ System seeks to provide an effective and affordable solution that solves current pathogen challenges that are inherent to the flour milling wheat tempering process. Guardian™ achieves higher kill rates at a lower cost while avoiding functionality challenges that are typically associated with heat-treated flour(2) or corrosion that can be experienced in the use of peracetic and lactic acid treatments(3).


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(2) https://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/10823-millers-await-advancements-in-controlling-pathogens-in-flour

(3) Reduction in pathogenic load of wheat by tempering with saline organic acid solutions at different seasonal temperatures - PubMed (nih.gov)

About Energis Solutions™

Energis Solutions™ is a biotechnology company originating from revolutionary developments around the safe and effective decontamination of United States defense industry equipment. Energis Solutions™ patented technology is the result of further developments which have achieved environmentally safe pathogen reduction in food and non-food applications, supporting food safety for the agricultural industry and beyond.


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