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Jan. 5, 2023

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Jan. 5, 2023


At HEFE Fertilizer, a manufacturer of bio-stimulants and organic phytosanitary products, one of the main concerns is working towards the development of sustainable and ecological agriculture. Their line of work leads the company to use advanced biotechnology and concise R&D&I research to develop formulations that help achieve maximum production efficiency while also protecting the environment.

HEFE Fertilizer's interest in developing products that adapt to the diverse problems of their customers with as little environmental impact as possible has led them to create a line of products based on beneficial microorganisms to achieve an ecological alternative for nutrition and bio-protection. To reach this goal, it's important to take into account some fundamental factors. Not all microorganisms present in soils have the same behavior, and there are numerous environmental factors (soil types, climatology, crops, geographic area, etc.) that affect the development and biodiversity of the microorganisms of different soils and crops. This is why the microbiology department of HEFE implements a standardized and optimized methodology that allows the selective isolation of the beneficial microorganisms which are naturally occurring in the rhizosphere, from where they establish beneficial relationships with plants that actively promote their growth. A great example of this is the bio-stimulant Jungle.


One of HEFE's experts working in the microbiology department.

Jungle, from the lab to crops

Jungle acts as a natural rooting agent and is based on the Klebsiella spp bacteria capable of stimulating root growth. It can be highly useful in situations where the crop is under high levels of stress while at the same time giving sufficient nutrients to the soil.

This product is essential to providing treated plants with a good, well-developed root system that will allow for optimal nutrition. Improving root conditions also improves the interaction with the microorganisms already living in the rhizosphere.

With Jungle's active biological material, it manages to replace other types of products composed of active chemical ingredients, maintaining the desired results at optimum levels.

  • It develops a larger soil area to be explored by rooting

  • Enables a greater amount of nutrients to be obtained

  • Helps in the treatment of plant stress

  • Improves soil structure

  • Supports the plant throughout its entire life cycle

Test with Jungle carried out with Neval Farmalent S.L. group:

According to the results obtained in the study realized by Neval Farmalent, a leading R&D company in phytosanitary efficacy tests for bio-stimulants fertilizers, on iceberg lettuce at two liters per hectare applied three times during the crop cycle:


Comparative image of lettuce from the control block (left) and the block treated with Jungle (right).

  • It acts by increasing the yield of the commercial harvest in relation to the control.

  • The results have been shown to be statistically homogeneous between blocks, showing significant differences.

  • The soil trial showed an increase in crop yield (kg/Ha) by up to 47% compared to the untreated control.

image.png  image.png


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