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Lier Chemical’s subsidiary to launch 8,000-ton glyphosate solution and 5,200-ton pesticide technical upgrading projectqrcode

Dec. 22, 2022

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Dec. 22, 2022

The environmental impact assessment of Jiangsu Kuaida Agrochemical’s 5,200-ton pesticide technical, 5,000-ton benzoyl chloride, 8,000-ton glyphosate AS and 15,932-ton by-product upgrading project, was recently publicized for public opinion in the local industrial park. 

According to the publication, upgrading the project will involve revamping the existing production equipment and pollution control facilities. Upon completion, the project will establish an annual production capacity of 5,200 tons of pesticide technical, 5,000 tons of benzoyl chloride, 8,000 tons of glyphosate solution (water-based) and by-products of 10,704 tons of hydrochloric acid, 1,462 tons of sodium chloride, 860 tons of potassium chloride, 396 tons of sodium hypochlorite, 164 tons of sodium methanesulfinate, 969 tons of acetic acid, 1,037 tons of methyl acetate, 121 tons of methoxypyrimidine and 219 tons of methanol. 


Jiangsu Kuaida Agrochemical is now Lier Chemical’s 51% share-controlled subsidiary, engaged in the production of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides covering more than 50 pesticide varieties and 80 acyl chloride and phosgene product varieties covering pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and chemical intermediates. 

The company has three plants - Matang Plant (currently not for production), Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park West-Zone East Plant and Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park West-Zone West Plant. In the east plant, the capacity which has been established includes annual 50,000-ton phosgene and phosgene-based productions, annual 2,750-ton pesticides and intermediates inclusive of 3,781 tons of by-products and annual 6,150-ton pesticide formulations, whilst utility works and pollution control facilities have been built and accepted. 

The annual 2,850-ton pesticide formulation plant has been brought on pilot production, which is currently going through the completion acceptance; the 11,000-ton pesticide formulation technical upgrade project has been approved and is now under construction. In the west plant, the production facilities that have passed the environmental acceptance include 3,000-ton chlorpyrifos TC, 5,000-ton chlorpyrifos EC, 5,000-ton benzoyl chloride and 300 tons of dichloroquinoline carboxylate.


Source: AgroNews


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