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Glyphosate production further restricted in China, production load falling below 50%qrcode

Dec. 17, 2022

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Dec. 17, 2022

Since this year, the price of glyphosate has been at a lower side for quite a long time, resulting from the lower prices of raw materials, increased stocks and the lack of market confidence from downstream industries. 

In mid-November, the Glyphosate Industry Task Force took the initiative to have reduced the productions of glyphosate, in response to the government requirements on work safety, environmental protection and energy consumption control, as being supported by a number of prime glyphosate manufacturers in China. Through the initiative of reduction of production via alternate shutdown of production units which are placed under maintenance, the monthly production output is limited to roughly 1/3 of the total capacity, thus, reducing the glyphosate productions by about 20,000 tons per month. 

According to the latest information that AgroPages has obtained from the Glyphosate Industry Task Force, the manufacturers that have already joined the initiative of reduction of production are actioning further to reduce production this week, by means of shutdown of units which are put under maintenance. Today, the monthly production output is limited to less than 50% of the total capacity, thus, having further reduced the glyphosate productions by nearly 30,000 tons per month. 

At present, there are 10 major glyphosate manufacturers in China, which include Xingfa with 230,000 tons from, Fuhua with 153,000 tons, Wynca with 80,000 tons, Jiangshan with 70,000 tons, Hebang with 50,000 tons, Anhui Guangxin with 50,000 tons, etc., totaling to 800,000 tons, accounting for about 2/3 of the total of the world.


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