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Rotam China launches Pythilock (picarbutrazox 10% SC), an outstanding and persistent iconic product against lower fungusqrcode

Dec. 1, 2022

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Dec. 1, 2022

November 16, 2022, Kunming of Yunnan Province, a market launch ceremony was held jointly by Rotam China and NIPPON SODA for release of the product Pythilock, which is an outstanding and persistent fungicidal solution. The market launch ceremony attracted presence of top management of Rotam China, NIPPON SODA, industry experts and partners of cooperation from nation-wide vegetable and economic crop market, who virtually or physically witnessed the grand launch of Pythilock (picarbutrazox 10% SC), which is a novel and leading product for control of lower fungal diseases.

Rotam China to ally with partners to build a strong brand on a win-win basis


Sun Guoyuan, General Manager of Rotam China

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Sun Guoyuan extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the experts and customer’s representatives who could overcome the challenge of COVID-19 to attend the launch ceremony. Mr. Sun says that Rotam China possesses well-established crop solutions, a mature technical service system, a stable distribution channel and the core brand influence of the company. Upon completion of the merger with the U.S. Albaugh Group, Rotam China’s existing strategic objective and planning will be continued while the strong supply chain and product advantage of Albaugh Group will be utilized to introduce more high-value resources, which are expected to further promote the expansion of Rotam China’s business scale and to further increase the influence of the brand up to a new high.

Rotam China has always focused its effort on development of key crops and key markets, having built up Rotam’s Longzhidao-Duoshouhao crop solution via the use of its superior product range, thus creating a large number of influential products such as Stomp, Eigrow, DELITE, Rotam Fulian, Baikede and Thiophanate-methyl SC which are classic products of the company. Over the last two years, Rotam China has released its excellent novel products – Ailikeduo and Fushuangwei.

Today, Rotam China is pleased to have the chance of cooperation with NIPPON SODA in the joint launch of Pythilock to the Chinese market, which is a patented product with unique mechanism of action. In light of the new opportunities and new challenges in the agrochemical industry, Rotam China is prepared to continue development of characteristic compounds, regulate market order and commit more resources to the company’s capacity building and brand building initiative. Mr. Sun stresses that Rotam China will stick to its business philosophy of ″serving farmers with heart and soul″ and is ready to join hands with partners towards win-win cooperation. 

Pythilock is destined to create new opportunities and new source of growth



TANIGUCHI SEIICHI, General Manager of NIPPON SODA Trading (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd, says in his address that Pythilock reflects the state-of-the-art technology of NIPPON SODA. It is a brand-new patented product against lower fungus and NIPPON SODA has full confidence in the market prospect of the product. The cooperation with Rotam China has already enabled successful launch of the classic products like Baikede and Thiophanate-methyl SC, which have been repeatedly sold with success. The launch of Pythilock will surely bring about new opportunities and new source of growth.

Pythilock is an enhancement of the superiorities of the Longzhidao-Duoshouhao vegetable solution


Zhou Yaozhen, Senior Manager of Crop Protection Marketing Dept of Rotam China

Over the years, Rotam China adheres to the development of crop solutions, having developed its Longzhidao-Duoshouhao crop solution brand, which focuses on rice, citrus, apple, vegetable, cotton and potato, as supplemented by multiple marketing means backed up by cultivation of key brands and brand series. According to Zhou Yaozhen, Senior Manager of Crop Protection Marketing Dept of Rotam China, the vegetables, with the highest value among the Chinese agrochemical market, have a relatively stable planting area, where a huge market exists for fungicides and insecticides. In this huge market, a large market space exists for control of lower fungal diseases, where resistance occurs rapidly while new compounds are in shortage. Therefore, Rotam China is targeting at this segment market and has introduced Pythilock, Fushuangwei and Fuying which are Rotam’s superior product combinations provided as vegetable crop solutions. Pythilock, as the first release of a newly patented blockbuster with novel mechanism of action in China, is destined to become a new solution to lower fungal diseases. Rotam China expects to embrace a bright future in the Chinese vegetable market.

Pythilock is free of cross resistance with other compounds, being capable of solving the problem of high resistance confronting farmers


Li Baoju,Researcher of Vegetable and Flower Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Li Baoju, a researcher from the Vegetable and Flower Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is a senior expert in vegetable disease management. Mr. Li has deeply analyzed the occurrence of lower fungal disease and the resistance development trend in China, having made valuable proposals for prevention and control. Mr. Li says that picarbutrazox, which is the active ingredient of Pythilock, is a brand-new patented compound for control of lower fungal diseases, being free of cross resistance with other compounds, and is currently a good solution to the problem of high resistance. Also, to solve the problem of resistance from lower fungus, alternate application of agents with different mechanism of action is an effective measure to put off the development of resistance.

Pythilock, a more effective solution in favor of vegetable growers


Yang Mingying, Researcher of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Yang Mingying, a researcher from Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, shared the experience in prevention and control of lower fungal diseases on vegetables and special crops in Yunnan. Madam Yang pointed out that the resistance from downy mildew, late blight and white rust has become more and more serious in Yunnan Province, where vegetables are planted all year round. To get a better effect of prevention and control, Pythilock, which is a high effective agent with new mechanism of action, is surely a good choice. Through application of the Pythilock + product solution, the lower fungal diseases confronting vegetable farmers can be controlled satisfactorily. 

Pythilock is a patented product dedicatedly developed by NIPPON SODA, being remarkably effective as prioved by trials on various crops


Zhao Shiguang, NIPPON SODA China Mission Leader

Zhao Shiguang, NIPPON SODA China Mission Leader, says that Pythilock has an outstanding effect when being applied to various crops. As a brand-new compound dedicatedly developed by NIPPON SODA, picarbutrazox has the features of high safety and high effectiveness, fast eradication of spot, long-lasting protection, high temperature and high humidity resistance. Mr. Zhao shared the test results of application of Pythilock to various crops including lettuce, onion and spinach.


Lin Wei (left), Technical Manager of Crop Protection Marketing Department;

Han Luming (right), Vegetable Crop Manager of Crop Protection Marketing Department

At the end of the launch ceremony, Lin Wei, Technical Manager of Rotam China Crop Protection Marketing Dept, Han Luming, Vegetable Crop Manager, made presentations to Pythilock’s technical orientation, product positioning and brand planning. Mr. Lin presented the test results of application of Pythilock for control of cucumber downy mildew, lettuce downy mildew, tomato late blight and taro blight. Via data analysis, the excellent efficacy of Pythilock for control of lower fungal diseases is demonstrated - fast dry and long-lasting protection. On the other side, Mr. Han spoke about Pythilock’s value proposition, product positioning and brand planning. Through the joint efforts of Rotam China, NIPPON SODA and all partners of cooperation, Pythilock is bound to become a new icon for control of lower fungal diseases.

Pythilock is destined to become a new solution to resistant lower fungus


Wei Zenggui, China Sales Manager of Rotam China

Wei Zenggui, the China Sales Manager of Rotam China, made a systematic presentation to the sales strategy, distribution planning and market management in support of the marketing operation of Pythilock.


At the launch ceremony, in addition to the splendid main venue in Kunming, Yunnan, there have been bustling parallel meetings being held in the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Hainan, Sichuan and Guizhou where customers virtually attended and witnessed the launch of Pythilock.


Pythilock’s Field Demonstration

To allow for an in-person witness of Pythilock’s real effect of control of lower fungus, following the launch ceremony, a field demonstration is conducted in the afternoon in the demonstration site of Anning City. At the beginning of the site demonstration, Zhou Yaozhen, Senior Marketing Manager of Rotam China delivered a speech expressing a warm welcome and sincere thanks to all participants, saying that participants would have a chance to observe Pythilock’s excellent effect in the afternoon. Mr. Lin Wei, the Technical Manager of Rotam China, gave a briefing of the process of the demonstration, followed by start of the demonstration, where staffs of Rotam China led participants to the demonstration site to observe the effect of treatment to downy mildew on cucumber applied with Pythilock, which is compared to the treatment by conventional solution. At the end, participants and online spectators have all expressed satisfaction to Pythilock’s effect of control of lower fungus.


Press Media Report

Zhao Guihu, General Manager of Agricultural Science and Technology Company of Yunnan Agricultural Production Means Co., Ltd, He Xueting, General Manager of Yunnan Tianliyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd, said in a media interview: Through the on-site observation, Pythilock’s outstanding effect of control is better presented; Pythilock is destined to become a good product to help farmers solve the problem of lower fungus.

Rotam China and NIPPON SODA’s joint launch of Pythilock, which is a novel resistance management product, will guide the future development of the prevention and control of lower fungal diseases. With the support of the strong marketing and technical team of Rotam China, as well as the strong collaboration with NIPPPON SODA and the large number of dealers, it is certain that Pythilock will be shaped into a new icon for control of lower fungal diseases. 


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Source: Rotam China
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