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Dec. 2, 2022

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Dec. 2, 2022

Chinese agrochemical company Hebei Lansheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a leading research and innovation-based modern pesticide manufacturer that advocates ″clean production of green pesticides.″The company focuses on research and production of high-efficient, low-toxic, green and novel pesticides, many of which have filled up the gap in the Chinese domestic market. Several technical achievements have reached the internationally advanced or domestically leading level.


In recent years, Lansheng Biotech has continued investment in innovation, research and development, having obtained more than 50 patents in green chemistry, biological pesticides and generic pesticide synthesis, with products being highly regarded on the market at home and abroad. Lansheng Biotech’s primary product portfolio includes clethodim, spirotetramat, metribuzin, brassinolide, Isoxadifen-ethyl and Boscalid. It covers five major series - insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and pesticide additives, many of which are granted the European Union’s technical equivalence.


Lansheng Biotech has established an R&D team headed by a PhD. expert back from overseas, acting as the company's chief scientist. The company has won several authorized patents and has participated in drafting a variety of national standards, industry standards and corporate standards. The company has been successively awarded honors such as High-tech Enterprise of Hebei Province, the Specialized and Novel Little Giant″ and the ″Ph D Innovation Workstation″ of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the ″Hebei Green Chemical Pesticide Innovation Center″ and Hebei Corporate Technology Center.


Plant of Lansheng Biotech 

Clethodim is a low-toxic, low-residue and systemic herbicide with high selectivity for use in the control of annual and perennial grassy weeds, safe for dicotyledon plants. It is also mixable with the burndown glyphosate and glufosinate for application to control resistant weeds like eleusine indica, green bristlegrass and giant foxtail. In addition, Clethodim is one of the world’s best-selling selective grassy weed herbicides, ranking among China’s top ten export pesticide varieties, with annual sales of above US$300 million. 

Lansheng Biotech is committed to the research, development and production of clethodim, as fully backed up by its green, clean and automated production system; So far, the production capacity remains stable at above 5,000 tons per year. The premium clethodim technical supplied by the company is of the following superiorities:

  • A high content ≥ 95%. At the time of formulation, the adjuvant use amount is reduced to have better dilution stability and longtime storage without creation of oil tar; 

  • Fewer impurities. The single impurity is below 1%, which ensures a higher certainty (stability, formulation, efficacy); 

  • Light color, being slightly yellow (gradually leveled off to a colorless state, as shown in the figure below), which presents a clearer image of the formulation;

  • Lower degradation rate, the preliminary experimental data reveal that on equal conditions (temperature 35 °C), the degradation rate of clethodim 95% TC is at least 30% lower than the like products on the market; the degradation rate of clethodim EC can be controlled stably within 5%.

  • Good mixability, fit for mixing with other herbicides; 

  • Export of premium technical material, saving the costs from transportation, tariff, production;

  • Fulfillment of overseas registration and procurement requirements. 


       Lansheng Biotech’s R&D Center       Lansheng Biotech’s Clethodim 95% TC

The high-quality clethodim supplied by Lansheng Biotech can fully meet the requirement of premium customers at home and abroad. Lansheng Biotech’s stable supply of clethodim 95% TC has enhanced the company’s brand recognition and brand reputation. Lansheng Biotech will continue to uphold its ″co-existence and win-win″ cooperation concept to build a platform to realize the common dream with customers.


Going forward, Lansheng Biotech will continue its investment in research and development. It will devote itself to product innovation, green chemical development, clean production and smart manufacture upgrading, It will stick to the high-quality development initiative as called upon by the state and create a premium quality product and brand product to fulfill customer needs and customer experience. In addition, Lansheng Biotech works with customers to increase farmer’s yield and earning.


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