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Metamifop becomes hot herbicide for paddy field, 113 registrations granted in Chinaqrcode

Nov. 24, 2022

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Nov. 24, 2022

Due to the excellent herbicidal performance in paddy field, metamifop has been recognized as the most promising herbicide for application to rice field. 

As per China Pesticide Registration Watch, up to November 2022, 113 metamifop registrations have been granted in China including 108 formulations and five technicals. With herbicides such as penoxsulam becoming increasingly resistant, weed control in direct rice seeding becomes more and more difficult. However, Metamifop has been shown to effectively control barnyard grass and eleusine indica, especially on resistant barnyard grass. 

Metamifop Technical Registrations in China(Click data to see more)



Metamifop is an aryloxy phenoxy propionate (APP) herbicide, which is of the cyhalofop-butyl kind, applied mainly to control grassy weeds. With the patent's expiration, metamifop has become an essential product for registration and application. The resistance and type of weeds in rice fields are increasing yearly. Where crabgrass, eleusine indica and green bristle grass used to occur in non-irrigated farmland, they are now spreading to paddy rice fields and can be controlled effectively by metamifop.

Advantages of metamifop

1.Wide herbicidal spectrum: Compared with rice field herbicides such as cyhalofop-butyl, penoxsulam and bispyribac-sodium, metamifop has a broader herbicidal spectrum, effectively controlling a majority of barnyard grass, moleplant seed, crab grass and eleusine indica in the rice field.

2.Safety: The safety factor of metamifop is higher than that of bispyribac-sodium. It can be used in rice leaves and tips, whilst the chemical solution can be degraded by soil organic matter without causing any harm to after reap crops. 

3.Weeding speed: After application, weeds start to change three days later; weed leaves yellow and withers seven days later; leaves, roots and stems of weeds get rotten and die in about ten days.

4.Easy to use: Metamifop can be used in all rice varieties, like rice seedling beds, transplanted fields and direct seeding fields.

According to the forecast of Philips McDoughall, the average growth rate of metamifop from 2017 to 2022 remains above 20%, which is higher than other rice herbicide varieties such as penoxsulam, bispyribac-sodium and cyhalofop-butyl. On the other hand, the product can be sold together with existing major rice products.

Metamifop product registrations (Click data to see more)



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