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Nov. 15, 2022

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Nov. 15, 2022

The new automatic production workshop and intelligent stereoscopic warehouse project of the Xiayi Branch of Zhengzhou Zhengshi Chemical Co., Ltd., was recently completed and entered the trial operation stage, taking the company’s production scale and intelligent production level to a new level, and enabling it to provide better products and services for its partners.


Outside view of the company’s automatic production workshop and intelligent stereoscopic warehouse

Plant growth regulators (PGR), which are now widely used, play a key role in agricultural production, through promoting agricultural quality and efficiency and increasing yields significantly. In order to meet the fast-growing market demand, Zhengshi Chemical, a leading PGR player, is constructing a modern intelligent factory for future growth and providing customers with better products and services. In 2021, Zhengshi Chemical invested over RMB 50 million to build a new automatic production workshop and intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, and successfully completed its equipment installation and commissioning, entering trial operation at the end of October this year.

According to Zheng Xianxiang (Vice President of Zhengshi Chemical), many automatic, intelligent equipment systems are being used in the new production line, to automatically assesses of raw materials required for production, integrate processes such as filling, labeling, sealing, packing and automatic palletizing, and seamlessly connect with the warehouse system. Automatic storage equipment and computer management system are being used at the intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, to achieve stereoscopic storage, automatic withdrawal and scientific scheduling, as well as to maximize operational efficiency. The integrated application of information systems contributes to the automation, intelligence and integration of the production and storage processes, which not only effectively improves production efficiency and expands production capacity but also accurately quantifies the quality control of products and standardizes production, helping the company create an intelligent production factory in the agrochemical industry.


Established in 2001, Zhengzhou Zhengshi Chemical Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research, development, application and promotion of PGRs. It has two modern production bases covering a total area of more than 20 hectares, as well as a provincial-level research and innovation platform (R&D laboratory) with an area of 2,000-square meters. The company holds domestic registration certificates for the technicals of ten high-content PGRs and over 70 pesticide formulations, leading in the sales of PGRs and formulations in the industry. Zhengshi Chemical has developed independent production processes for the technicals of PGRs, such as Prohexadione-calcium, Brassinolide, 6-Benzylamino-purine, 1-naphthyl acetic acid (NAA), Sodium 1-Naphthal acitic acid (NAA-Na) and Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate (DA-6). The company’s products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, helping to serve agricultural production, promote agricultural quality and efficiency, and increase agricultural production and farmers’ income.

According to Zheng Hao (General Manager of Zhengshi Chemical), the application of PGRs is a technological innovation in agricultural production, greatly increasing crop yield and generating considerable interest among the industry and growers, which proven by more applications. Zhengshi Chemical, focusing on its future development and based on comprehensive market research, built its new automatic production workshop and intelligent stereoscopic warehouse to create a ″modern and intelligent″ production system, which has a production capacity of two times higher than the existing one. With these efforts, Zhengshi Chemical aims to continuously satisfy the increasing market demand, provide customers with more high-quality and efficient products and services, enhance its market competitiveness, and promote the application of PGRs.


In recent years, PGRs, as an important application technology in the green production of modern agriculture, is becoming a very active professional segments in modern agricultural production, with increasingly higher contributions to agricultural progresses. It has a low application rate but outstanding efficacy and is friendly to the environment. The scientific and reasonable use of PGRs can help improve the quality and stress resistance of crops, decrease the occurrence of pests and diseases, increase crop yields, reduce the consumption and improve the absorption and utilization of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, lower planting costs, enhance the quality and yield of agricultural products, increase farmer’ planting income, promote green and high-quality agriculture, and help ensure food security.

Zhengshi Chemical has been a player in the field of PGRs since its inception. In recent years, through continuous investment and the introduction of expert technical personnel, the company has formed a scientific research team headed by doctors. It has also spent a large amount of money to build a modern, high-standard laboratory, and successfully created an engineering technology research center at provincial level. At the same time, Zhengshi Chemical has upgraded its production system, such as the new production workshop for technicals in its Hebi branch and its new automatic formulation workshop and intelligent stereoscopic warehouse in its Xiayi branch to further enhance production capacity and overall production efficiency and upgrade it to a modern green intelligent factory. These efforts have given the company a new momentum for high-quality development and will enhance its core competitiveness.

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