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Oct. 17, 2022

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Oct. 17, 2022

Introduction: With the rapid growth of the market size of the global biopesticide industry, the global research and development of biopesticide is also in full swing. From 2012 to 2021, there were 20,835 patent applications for biopesticide worldwide, among which 8,585 in China, 2,137 in the United States, 1,389 in Europe, and 8,724 in other countries, 13,584 of which are valid. The countries and regions where the application of biopesticide patents are mainly accepted are China, the United States and Europe. Among them, China is showing explosive growth, and the global research institutions think highly of the market prospects of Chinese biopesticides. At the same time, Chinese biopesticide companies are accelerating the development and application of new biotechnologies, and a large number of outstanding companies have emerged, including a high-tech company from China which always focuses on the innovative research and development of biopesticides - Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Newsun").

Then, what kind of company is Chengdu Newsun? This time we will take you to know more about it.

Visit Chengdu Newsun, how to become a leading company in the biopesticide industry

▶ What kind of company is Chengdu Newsun?

Answer: Chengdu Newsun is a biotechnology company with the ability of independent design of innovative compound, technology innovation and application of synthetic biology, discovery and evaluation of natural product active compound, Co-Extraction technology research and development, technological research of gene editing and molecular breeding on medicinal materials, microbial pesticide innovation, achievement transformation, industrialization and commercialization. At the same time, Chengdu Newsun is a high-tech enterprise in China and the state-level technologically advanced ″Little Giant'″ Enterprises awarded by the Ministry of Industry And Information Technology of PCR.


What is the scientific research concept and direction of Chengdu Newsun?

Answer: Since its establishment in 1999, Chengdu Newsun has always taken "Technological Innovation Drives Sustainable and Green Agricultural" as its mission and "Health Crop Protection" as its technical service philosophy. We always focus on the innovation of green agricultural biotechnology, and the construction of scientific research system and biotechnology research and development guided by the healthy plant protection for crops throughout the whole process, so as to achieve the goals of health soil management, prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds, crop growth and nutritional health, and improvement of agricultural product quality and yield. And continue to use biotechnology as the engine to provide the integrated technology of whole process green prevention and control ″From Soil to Table" for green & organic agriculture and "Zero Chemical Residues" agricultural products. It will continue to play an important role in high-quality green agricultural development, the quality improvement of cultivated land and the pressure allievation on the agricultural ecological environment.


How does Chengdu Newsun break through the technical bottleneck of industrialization of botanical biopesticides with unstable efficacy and high cost?

Answer: Firstly, through our innovative ″Co-Extraction″ technology, we realize the targeted extraction of active ingredients from medicinal plants, and extract the active ingredients and beneficial ingredients to the greatest extent, realize the synergistic effects among different ingredients, and increase the control efficacy of biopesticide which is similar or even higher than chemical pesticides.

Secondly, through in-depth research on formulation technology and new material science, solve the organic combination of active ingredients and target pests, so as to maximize the efficacy of prevention and control of target pests.

Thirdly, through gene editing and synthetic biology technology, develop high-yield medicinal plant varieties and establish plant stem cell biosynthesis technology and realize industrial production, to break through the production bottleneck of limited medicinal plant resources.

Fourthly, through the innovation and application of the concept of "healthy crop protection", namely: prevention-preventive treatment-package treatment, as well as whole-process crop health management technology of soil remediation and precise nutrition management, realize the whole-process crop health management, enhance crop immune system and stress resistance.


What outstanding scientific research achievements has Chengdu Newsun obtained so far?

Answer: After more than 20 years of scientific research and development, Chengdu Newsun has successively obtained a series of original biotechnology achievements by using natural product Co-Extraction technology, microbial engineering technology, synthetic biology, gene editing and molecular breeding technology. The achievements lished as below:

Achievements in bioregulation technology: the world's leading biotechnology including the world's first application-level plant signal molecule regulation technology-COR Coronatine, natural product plant endogenous regulation technology-natural 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid, and a novel biostimulant-SF pollen polysaccharide, etc. which has formed a number of bioproducts with the ability to enhance the ability of crops to resist low temperature, drought and high temperature;

Biopesticide scientific research achievements: nearly 100 natural botanical biofungicides, bioinsecticides, and bioacaricides including CE Veratrum, CE Allicin, CE Berberine, CE Cnidiadin, CE Carvacrol, CE Matrine, CE Celastrus Angulatus and CE Natural Pyrethrin based on co-extraction technology.

Soil remediation technology achievements: biotechnologies to solve soil problems including soil acidification, salinization, soil aggregate structure, heavy metal pollution, and etc.

In recent years, the technologies Chengdu Newsun developed have won tens of scientific and technological awards at national, ministerial, and provincial level, including the Science and Technology Advanced Technology Awards, Shen Nong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award, and National Patent Awards. It has over 120 invention patents, including applied and awarded, in and outside China. Also the products have been registered and used in China and other more than 20 countries around the world.


What other core technologies will Chengdu Newsun have in the future?

Answer: Up to now, Chengdu Newsun has been developing new bioherbicides, and has obtained a potential bioherbicide. Through synthetic biology technology and microbial engineering technology, new microbial metabolites have been discovered and realized the transformation of traditional pesticides. Through the research and development and transformation of these biotechnologies, it can help alleviate the dependence of crops on chemical pesticides, reduce the impact of biotic stress on agricultural production, and play an important role in the maintenance of agro-ecological environment biodiversity and the sustainable and green development of agriculture.


Biological pesticides with unlimited development potential

Overall, the research and development, promotion and application of biopesticides is an inevitable trend in the development of the times, and also the vane of the future of the global pesticide industry. As one of the important measures for the comprehensive prevention and control of agricultural biotic stress, biopesticide will also usher in a period of rapid development. Chengdu Newsun from China, MBI from the United States, STK from Israel and other biopesticide R&D companies will also become highly competitive biotechnology companies in the future. Through the innovative R&D and application of biotechnology, it plays an important role in safeguarding the global agro-ecological environment, food security and food safety, connecting science and nature, and creating a sustainable agricultural future.

Newsun Crop Science's website: http://www.cdxzy.com

E-mail: newsunagro@cdxzy.com

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